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What is Windows Rot & how to arrest it!

If you are a Windows user, you know this ! As time passes by your once snappy Windows starts becoming less responsive. The problem is that its a process that just seems to occur over a period of time…without any […]

Use Windows Reliability Monitor to fix PC problems

Rather than downloading third-party tools for diagnosing and fixing your Windows PC problems, it’s best to use built-in programs, when available. Windows Reliability Monitor in Windows 10/8 is one such built-in tool that can be used for checking system errors, […]

Processor Scheduling in Windows 10/8/7

Depending on the usage of your Windows 10/8/7 computer, you can configure processor scheduling, so that it gives you the best performance while using Programs or for Background Processes. You can make this adjustment easily via the Control Panel. Processor […]

Enable, Disable Disk Write Caching in Windows 10/8/7

Disk Write Caching is a feature that improves system performance by enabling write caching on the device. It is a feature, which is available on almost all disk drives these days. The benefit of Disk Write Caching is that it allows […]

How to use Perfmon or Performance Monitor in Windows 10/8/7

The Reliability and Performance Monitor introduced in Windows is a good built-in tool that lets you monitor and study how applications you run, affect your computer’s performance, both in real-time and by collecting log data for later analysis. In this […]

Disable Accelerator Button in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer Accelerators are specific add-ons running in Internet Explorer that help users complete a specific task in just few clicks. In short, they accelerate the browser performance or supplement it with extra features. It is  a great feature and […]

PerfView: Download Performance Analysis Tool from Microsoft

Microsoft has released the latest version of PerfView, that fixes minor bugs and adds support for Microsoft .NET 4.5. Microsoft has developed this tools for analysing and isolating CPU or Memory related performance issues for application developers. It will help you  […]

IE High Memory Usage Addons

Fix: Internet Explorer High Memory Usage

Sometimes you may feel that your computer has hung or has frozen, when you are trying to open a webpage or even while browsing normally. This may either be a site problem or the problem could be high memory usage by […]

Optimize Windows 10 Performance by tweaking Visual Effects

Although Microsoft claims – and with justification too – that Windows 10/8 is the most optimized and fastest OS provided by them, there will always be tweak enthusiasts and power users who want to squeeze out the last drop of […]

Windows freezing or rebooting due to Hardware problems

Maybe you are facing random computer freezes and reboots! In such cases we have to first find out if it’s a hardware specific problem or a software specific problem. Because system instability can be caused due to both these reasons. […]

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Does disabling Aero really improve performance in Windows?

Windows Aero, acronym for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, Open, is the graphical user interface, the module of Windows that processes the GUI and the default theme in most editions of Windows 10/8/7/Vista operating systems released by Microsoft. On many blogs and […]

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Analyze performance problems with Windows Performance Toolkit

Microsoft offers a set of utilities that it internally uses, to sniff out performance issues in Windows. These tools which Microsoft uses internally to detect and correct boot issues are freely available today  as a part of the Windows Performance […]