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This version of Office has been deprovisioned

This version of Office has been deprovisioned

If you see This version of Office has been deprovisioned message, then it means that your Office your licenses and credentials have been canceled and you no longer have the access on any of your data. Usually, the deprovisioning is […]

Windows Key is Genuine

How to check if the Windows Key is Genuine or Legit

A copy of Windows is genuine only if it has been activated using a valid key. When you buy Windows Keys from Microsoft websites or get them from the OEMs, you can be sure that they are genuine. But you […]

How to deactivate and uninstall Windows Product Key

Before you sell or dispose of your computer, you would probably back up your data and then format the drives. But there is something you must do if you wish to dispose of it without uninstalling the Windows operating system. […]

Can you enable Concurrent Sessions in Window 7 | 8 ?

Windows 7 | 8 come with a built-in Remote Desktop feature that allows you to connect and access your Windows PC remotely, even when you are away from it. By default, Windows desktop edition allows only one concurrent user per […]

Microsoft Volume Licensing Product Use Rights (PUR) Guide

Microsoft has released a document explaining the basics of licensing  and why Microsoft uses different models for licensing its products. This Microsoft Product Use Rights Guide, details use rights for specific products, as well as rights that apply to all […]

Download Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center User Guide

This one is for Volume Licensing customers of Microsoft! Microsoft has released a user guide for Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center and it is now available for download. Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center or VLSC User Guide offers a step-by-step […]

Microsoft Online Services Licensing Guide

Download Microsoft Online Services Licensing Guide

Microsoft has released a document which details the purchase, activation, and support of Microsoft’s commercial software services known as Online Services. Microsoft Online Services is a set of services that can help you incorporate cloud-based computing into your business. Microsoft […]

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Types of Windows 7 Consumer Keys

When one is installing Windows 7, one is required to enter a Windows 7 Product Key. The product key determines the edition of the Windows, features to unlock and activate & the type & distribution channel of the license. Types […]

Microsoft Windows Desktop Licensing – Details, FAQ, Information

As an MVP, I would like to take this opportunity to share some guidelines on acquiring Windows Desktop Licenses which will help protect you and your organization from piracy/usage of unlicensed software, and the associated risks. Windows Desktop Licensing 1. […]

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Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Product Key issues

If you have just purchased a new copy of Microsoft Office 2010 and you find that you are unable to unlock or activate it using the license key given, then you may want to try out the following troubleshooting steps. […]

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Types of Retail Microsoft Office 2010 Product Keys

When you install or reinstall a Microsoft Office 2010 suite, you are prompted to type or to paste the 25-character product key. The product key is used during the Microsoft software installation to unlock the Microsoft Office suite.

Download Microsoft Volume Licensing Program Guides & FAQs

Microsoft has published a set of Volume Licensing Program Guides, Data-sheets, and FAQs and are now available as a download. Microsoft Volume Licensing Program Guides The Microsoft Volume Licensing program guides provide comprehensive descriptions of Volume Licensing programs, including information […]

Troubleshoot Windows 10/8/7 Activation States

If for some reason your Windows 10/8/7 online activation fails completely, you may see an Activate by Telephone option in the wizard. You can always use the Product Activation Wizard and use the Activate by phone or Contact customer support […]