What happens when Windows 10 Build reaches expiration date

When a build of Windows 10 reaches its expiry date, certain events will occur on your computer. It is therefore imperative to know the expiration date of your Windows 10 Preview date and what will happen after the Windows 10 build reaches its expiration.


What happens when Windows 10 expires

If you see the Windows 10 Build expiration dates, you will notice that the build typically expires after 5 or 6 months.

1] Roughly  2 weeks before you Windows 10 build expires, you will start seeing warnings like – This build of Windows will expire soon. Once you start seeing this warning, you should take it seriously and backup all your data and check your Windows Update to see if any new build or upgrades are available. Alternatively, you can download the latest ISO file from Microsoft, mount it and launch setup.exe to upgrade to a newer build.

2] Once your build reaches the license expiration date, your computer will automatically reboot approximately every 3 hours. As a result of this, any unsaved data or files you may be working on, will be lost.

3] The computer will no longer boot, 2 weeks after the license has expired. After the expiration date is crossed, when you start your computer, you will see a Recovery message – Your PC/Device needs to be repaired message. You will not be able to log in to your computer. In this case, you will have to download the ISO file from another computer and then transfer the ISO file to some installation media. Once you have done this, you will have to boot the computer from the installation media to install the latest build of Windows 10

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I would like say that it is therefore a good idea to have your Windows 10 always up-to-date and install all updates automatically. In fact this is probably also one of the reasons why in Windows 10 Update settings, Home users are give only one option and that is to install Windows Update automatically!

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  1. Hadrian Embalsado

    Sounds damn scary when you don’t update.

  2. jorge correa

    If there is only one option for Home Users, Automatically Update, then we shouldn’t be alarmed.

  3. Ian Crick

    Will the updater also automatically reboot the system after installing some updates, as this could also cause problems. People could lose things they are working on or I have radio automation software that is supposed to run 24/7. If this was a real broadcasting station, it would stop the broadcast, but if updates are set by the user, they could have another system running while updating the main system. My upgrade will be to home, so therefore I hope the new automatic update system will at least give some warnings if an update would require a reboot.

  4. No it will not. It will reboot only when you are NOT using the computer. But you can change its settings. Pls see: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/windows-update-security-settings-windows-10

  5. AlienX

    Yeah!! and i just stick with Windows 7 ! One and only best OS.. 😀 hehe!

  6. Hadrian Embalsado

    Well your “best OS” will just get extended support now. After that, no more updates. Target for new hackers.

  7. Juan Figueroa

    True, that’s what people do not think ahead.

  8. Michaela Jackson

    Hello! I have the problem described in this article. My laptop started showing me the message “This build of Windows will expire soon. Your build of Windows will expire on July 15, 2016. If it expires your PC will restart every few hours. Go online for more information.” I read the article of how to upgrade my Windows 10 but my Windows Updater only detected update for the Windows Defender and nothing else. So what should I do? Should I just install new Windows or..?

  9. TheNapkinGuy

    Reinstall Windows 10 to it’s latest build.

  10. TheNapkinGuy

    Or just update Windows 10 if you don’t want to lose your files.

  11. Hedley James Copplestone

    Exactly the same happened to me, I just went into settings -> Update an Security -> then clicked update to the new build.

  12. Major Plonquer

    I am getting exactly the same thing. Worse, I get the message on a brand new Surface Book running the very latest version of Windows 10 from Windows Insider. There are no updates available yet I still get this message.

  13. TheNapkinGuy

    I hope this helps out.

  14. Better buy better hardware suited for Linux till 2020

  15. Americal1970

    When Windows 10 was introduced Fry’s Electronics had technicians present a seminar, in Tempe, Arizona, and offered free upgrades. I had just bought a Lenovo laptop with Windows 8 and a disc to upgrade immediately to 8.1. Fry’s kept my computer overnight and installed Windows 10, which worked fine . . . until a week ago. I turned it on and it had reverted to 8.1 and had fifty or so updates queued for installation. I took it to Fry’s and was told the two-year free trial had expired and that I would have to purchase Windows 10 if I wanted it again. Sounded bogus to me.

  16. gloria olsen

    i have windows 10 and received a phone call that it expires soon and to call them is this ligit? the phone call was clearly a recording Does windows actually expire. I got a new computer at the time windows 10 was coming out -I did not have to pay for windows 10 . not sure what to do

  17. Christo Chiramukhathu

    Windows 10 is a stupid and frstrating OS. Windows 7 is sweet.

  18. Christo Chiramukhathu

    This should be prevented with strong laws. It comes under monopoly malpractices. People should have freedom to follow the OS what they like and wish, till the end of their life span.

  19. Hatewindows10

    I would like to activate my windows but….Windows is activated using your organization’s activation service. I bought this laptop with win 10 on it. Not an upgrade. Preinstalled. How to I delete this garbage version of windows and go back to the one that works, windows 7?

  20. Radin Khan

    Hey there It recently happend to me and I dont know how to take it seriously I am new on this and I am really scared please help me

  21. Shreevatsa

    My desktop doesnt get on now i think my windows is fully expired …what should i do now????

  22. Arvind Sarkar

    I got same problem in my PC after that I removed Windows 10 and install Linux mint now everything is fine.

  23. sarkar Aravind

    Can you tell me how to edit or delete my comment/s

  24. that sounds extremely unnecessary

  25. This article sounds suspicious to me.

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