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Adobe Flash Not Working In Internet Explorer 11

Many of us like to watch movies, videos, listen music over the Internet in our favorite browsers. This is possible, when your browser havelatest version of Adobe Flash player installed. But sometimes even after having latest version of flash player installed, […]

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Alternative Flash Player Auto Updater

Flash player from Adobe is an important software which most computer users install. Without Flash, some web pages will not function properly and that is the reason why most hackers and malware program have started targeting Flash. Adobe releases frequent […]

How to delete EVEN the Flash Cookies in Windows

So you have used the Disk Cleanup utility and have cleared out your browsing history, cache and cookies. Now no one can see where you’ve been on the web, right? Wrong! Flash Cookies are stored separately and most junk cleaners […]

Flurrious lets you create your own snowflakes!

If you like to create things, this website, Flurries, will keep you busy for hours; especially in winters! Using a versatile Flash editor, you can compile your very own snowflake and watch it dance in an artistic snowfall.

Labuat : A nice time-killer flash website

Labuat is the most beautiful and enjoyable time-killer. It’s a song illustrated by an interactive brush that reacts to music, and the lyrics won’t leave you cold.