System Scheduler: Task Scheduler alternative for Windows PC

Windows Task Scheduler is one of the best features of Windows operating system. Using this built-in tool, it is possible to schedule any kind of task with the help of Task Scheduler. Sometime, when you need to do something in automation or at a predefined time, you can simply opt for Windows Task Scheduler that will let you do whatever you want. You can run application or set reminders using Windows Task Scheduler. Using Task Scheduler, you can schedule Shutdown or Restarts, play a Song at every Computer Startup, run a Batch File automatically, rename scheduled task, wake up computer from Sleep at a particular time, make Windows speak out the time, automate Enhanced Disk Cleanup Tool operation, send an Email, etc.

Free task scheduler program

However, if you are not so familiar with this in-built Windows tool, and you want to get an alternative, you can check System Scheduler. System Scheduler is a free tool for Windows and one of the best alternatives to Windows Task Scheduler. This tool comes with some basic options. What will let you make tasks and schedule them accordingly.

As System Schedule is free, you will not have to spend a single dollar on this. This free tool can do three different things:

  1. It can set a reminder. That means, you will get a popup window at predefined time that will help you to remember some important tasks or meetings or anything else.
  2. It can run any selected application. That means, if you want to start any application to do something automatically at a particular time, you can opt for this option.
  3. It can close error window automatically.

Let’s check out each of them.

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Download System Scheduler and install in your PC. It runs on almost all version of Windows as there are no such special system requirements. After installing and opening it in your PC, you will get a window like this,

System Scheduler

Set an application to run at predefined time:

Now we have to run an application at a particular time with System Scheduler. For doing anything with this tool, you will have to create an event for each executing each task. To create event, click on green plus sign that is placed on the top navigation menu.

Create new event in System scheduler

Next, select Run Application from the “Event Type” drop-down menu. By default, it is set though. Now, enter a title to recognize the task later. After that, select the application path by clicking on the folder icon.

System Scheduler Task Scheduler alternative for Windows PC

That’s it!

There is no need to select any parameters, working directory or send keys. But, you can choose the “State” that will help you to open the application in particular state i.e. Normal, Minimize, Maximize etc.

After selecting the application, switch to Schedule tab and select a time. You can also repeat the task.

Select time in system scheduler

Finally, click on the Save button that is placed next to “Create New Event” button.

Create popup reminder using System Scheduler:

This is easier than running application automatically. Just create a new event, select Popup Reminder from the Event Type menu, enter a title and text. After that, you will have to set a time from the Schedule tab.

Window Watcher feature

The third option is Window Watcher, which will mainly help you to terminate any error popup or window automatically. You can set a caption from the given list so that it can detect the error window correctly and execute the right task.

After that, you can choose Criteria i.e. Window exists, Window does not exist etc. The last thing is Action. You will have to select a time for that.

System Scheduler comes with some basic settings that will let you:

  • Run this program at system startup
  • Hide/show Edit, Snooze, Fade effects etc. buttons
  • Show/hide icon from system tray
  • And more!

You can download System Scheduler from here. System Scheduler free version is completely free for lifetime. But, if you want more features, you can opt for the professional version. However, that is not necessary if you want to execute basic tasks as mentioned above.

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