Freebyte Task Scheduler: Schedule Apps to open at Predefined Times

Windows Task Scheduler is one of the best tools of Microsoft Windows, that helps users to automate tasks. You just need to go through a couple of steps to set up the task and the Task Scheduler will do the rest. However, there are some people, who may find the Windows Task Scheduler wanting in some features, as they have many other requirements. Freebyte Task Scheduler is a free portable replacement or alternative to Windows Task Scheduler, that allows users to set up tasks & schedule apps to open at predefined times.

Freebyte Task Scheduler

Freebyte Task Scheduler is one of the best free and portable replacements to Windows Task Scheduler tool. It can assist you to open any app at preset time. You can add as many apps as you want to be opened at predefined time. Once you open the tool, you will see the following screen.

Freebyte Task Scheduler

To add any task or app, click on the plus button. After that, you will get this, where you need to enter all the details like Program location, etc.

Freebyte Task Scheduler task setup

Enter the date or day. You can select any date, if you want to execute the task only once. If you want to perform the task daily, select Daily. If you want to open the app on particular days, just select Weekly and day.

Next, enter the Start time. If you have checked either daily or weekly, you will get Last started on option after opening the app for the first time. It will help you to know the last time, when the tool executed your task.

Now, enter the Task Name and select an app. To select any app, click on the tiny box and navigate through your ‘Program Files’ section.

Finally, save your task. You task will be saved and ready to perform.

One thing that you should know is if you are using Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista, you should copy this program folder into any other directory except C:\Program Files.

Similarly, this, you can add as many apps as you wish to open. However, the only but major drawback of using Freebyte Task Scheduler is you need to keep the app open. You cannot close it since it is a portable software.

You can get download information about Freebyte Task Scheduler at here.

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