Surface Pen tilt not working? Here’s the fix!

If there’s one thing we like about the Surface Pen, that would be its Tilt feature. It allows the user to be more creative in their work, and from what we can tell, many Surface owners have come to enjoy it. Now, in recent times, some folks have come to realize that the Surface Pen’s tilt feature has failed to work properly. We’re here to say there shouldn’t be a huge call for concern because the issue isn’t difficult to get under control.


Surface Pen tilt not working

We request that all affected users follow the steps below to fix the problem. We doubt the need to purchase a new Surface Pen will ever arise because the underlining problem is software-based, not hardware. If Surface Pen Tilt is not working for you, you need to check the following:

  1. Install the latest Syrface firmware update
  2. Use an app that is compatible with your Surface Pen & Device
  3. Change Surface Brush settings
  4. Check Surface Pen’s sensitivity.

Let us take these suggestions one by one.

1] Check for Surface firmware updates

The Surface Pro and the Surface Book 2 are the only products to support the Surface Pen’s tilt feature today. If you’re not using one these devices, then you’re out of luck. However, if you are, then we suggest checking for updates because that could be the cause behind the Pen’s problems.

Launch the Settings app by pressing the Windows key + I, then click on Update & Security. Finally, select Windows Update, then click on Check for updates. If there’s any new firmware update, Windows 10 should automatically download and install them.

You could also visit Microsoft to download the latest Surface firmware update.

2] Make sure the app or program you’re using is compatible

Compatibility between hardware and software is very important, therefore, be sure to check if the software you’re using is compatible with the Surface Pen’s tilt feature.

Tilt is a new feature in Surface Pen with No Clip, that allows you to angle the pen at about a 45 degrees, to mimic various artist techniques like shading, sketching or edging. But you should know that Tilt support for the new Surface Pen varies by app, and only the following apps are currently supported – DrawBoard PDF, StaffPad, Sketchable, Plumbago & Mental Canvas.

So check all the apps you’ve used so far to see if they are compatible with the Surface Pen.

3] Change the Surface Brush settings

There may be times when the tilt feature is working just fine, but users are unable to visualize it because the brush settings aren’t adjusted properly. What you need to do in this instance, is to visit the Surface brush settings section and make the necessary changes.

4] Change your Surface Pen’s sensitivity

We understand that making changes to the sensitivity has the ability to enable the tilt feature, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do here.

Fire up the Surface app by searching for it via the search option, then click on it once it appears in the results. Once the app is up and running, be sure to click on the Surface Pen icon, and from there, you can adjust the sensitivity.

The settings can be found within the Surface Pen app.

Let us know if you have any other ideas.

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