How to Calibrate or Adjust Microsoft Surface Touch & Pen Settings

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  1. Christoph

    If you use a touch cover with your surface you need to calibrate it two times (at least the pen, I didn’t try it with touch).
    First time without the touch cover, second time with touch cover attached.
    The calibration data is stored in two different registry keys:
    Without touch cover: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumHIDVID_045E&PID_0799&MI_01&Col018&11540d24&0&0000Device Parameters”
    With touch cover: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetEnumHIDVID_045E&PID_079A&MI_01&Col018&60e8ac6&0&0000Device Parameters”.
    Maybe this strange behavior appears also with the type cover. I didn’t try…

  2. Thanks for the inputs Christoph.

  3. Ricardo Rocha

    I am using a iLuv Stylus pen that used to be excelent with my iPad. When trying to use it with my Surface RT, it is not working ok. I use a screen protector on my RT, but it was pretty bad before I applied it.
    I tried to calibrate it, but the RT went crazy when touching. Tapping on one area affects as if I was tapping in a completely different position. I reset the configuration in order to go back to the previous config.
    Any idea on how to Improve it?

  4. alex

    I don’t want to use the pen. I want use just my finger. I can’t close windows with my finger I have to use the pen. I can’t put the curser in the seachnwindow with my finger any more. I update all the time and I didn’t have any of this crape when I first got my pro 3. Please help me so frustrating I’m thinking I should have bought an iPad

  5. AI

    I feel the same way and I cant fix my screen because’ Surface touch calibration is still at factory settings ‘ I wish I never got this lap top it is meantnto be a TABLET but the touchscreen doesn’t work

  6. Jason Maggard

    I like crapes.

  7. Selcuk Olzker

    Few people care about these mostly useless settings. The “most important” control would be touch sensitivity, but of course this is flagrantly lacking and probably for good reason. It would give users too much control of their property and prevent M$ from selling you a new computer when hardwear and wear issues could alternatively be solved using software adjustments. Instead we get the “calibrate” crap which is totally useless and no real control.

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