Stuck at Checking network requirements when connecting to Wireless Network

Having problems connecting to a wireless network in Windows is common. While Microsoft has improved network stability in Windows 10, compared to Windows 8 and Windows 7, some issues stay unresolved. One such case is with a situation in which while trying to connect to the network, your system remains stuck at the Checking network requirements message.

When you connect to a wireless network, two things can happen. Windows would either connect to the wireless network or return the error code Cannot connect to the network. However, if it remains stuck at the Checking network requirements message for too long, this post could help resolve the problem.

Checking network requirements

Checking network requirements taking too long

The primary cause of this issue is that the drivers are either obsolete or incompatible. Updating them should fix the problem. Please proceed with the following solutions sequentially:

  1. Update/Reinstall the drivers
  2. Run the Network Adapter Troubleshooter.

1] Update/Reinstall the drivers

Many users have confirmed that updating the Network drivers will help in resolving the issue. The procedure for the same is as follows.

Update Network Driver

Press Win + R to open the Run prompt and type the command devmgmt.msc. Press Enter to open the Device manager.

Expand the list of Network adapters. Right-click on the Broadcom Network Adapter. Then select Update driver.

Update Network driver of Broadcom Network adapter

Restart the system and check if it helps.

Reinstall Network Adapter

If this doesn’t help then go to the Device Manager again and right-click on the Network adapter (Broadcom one) once again.

Select Uninstall device.Reinstall Broadcom Network Adapter

In both cases, you could also consider downloading the latest Network drivers from the manufacturer’s website and installing them.

2] Run the Network Adapter Troubleshooter

Click on the Start button and go to Settings > Updates & Security > Troubleshoot.

Select the Network Adapter Troubleshooter from the list and run it.

Network adapter troubleshooter

Restart the system once done.

These solutions should resolve if checking network requirements are taking too long connecting to an old or new network.

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