Make your Screensaver display CPU, RAM, disk activity, space, top 5 processes, battery life

Not many use Windows desktop screensavers these days, but for those who do, UsefulSaver is one you may want to check out! UsefulSaver displays CPU info, RAM info, disk activity, disk space, top 5 processes, battery life remaining, how long the screensaver’s been running, and such statistics.

Make Screensaver display system specifications

This screensaver also features the date and time, customizable quotes, and ScreenWash. ScreenWash is a feature that help prevent LCD burn-in. After the screen saver has been on for a specified time (10 minutes by default), the screen goes black, then displays the date and time in 4 different colors for 1 minute each.

The normal screen-saver again resumes after this and the cycle continues.

There are lots of customization and color options available, as well as font selection and size. For computers with multiple screens, a photo viewer is available to make use of the space.

Head over to its Home Page if you find it interesting!

Display System Configuration Details on your Windows Desktop Wallpaper may also interest you!

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  1. JCF

    I have never seen this before in screen saver, thanks.

  2. got a problem with this;

    when its active, my floppy drive (which i didn’t use anymore) keeps reading even though there is no floppy inside!
    Test in XP SP3…
    does anyone have the same issue?

  3. brian carr

    its ok but does not install in the screen savers normal place so does not come on automatic in screen-saver settings?? you have to click on the short-cut key in desktop or make a short cut for the keyboard(ctrl-alt-****)
    and you cant pin the short cut to the task-bar in windows 7 would be nice if it worked like normal screen savers coming on (when you are away from desktop for 10 mins).
    3*** out of 5***** for me.

  4. diho

    thanks friend

  5. J's PC Repair

    I too have tested this and as with ALL other hardware monitors of this type, the constant “Polling” of the Floppy drive is a nuisance.

    The ONLY way I have found to stop this is by either disabling the floppy in the BIOS or by inserting a blank disk into the drive.

    I have wrote the makers of this program via their website contact info and alerted them to this problem.

    P.S., I have tested this in both Windows XP and in Windows 7 and the same issue exists in both.

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