Create Sandbox in Windows 10 using Sandbox Configuration Manager

Windows Sandbox is a lightweight desktop environment which makes sure that you can run applications in isolation. The arrangement makes sure the app doesn’t get access to core Windows files and other system files. That said, it’s not straightforward to configure & manage a sandbox. That’s where the Sandbox Configuration Manager can help you.

Sandbox Configuration Manager

Sandbox Configuration Manager allows you to generate, edit, and manage Windows Sandbox by using configuration file aka WSB file. The tool offers four tabs:

  1. Basic Infos: It will enable you to Set Sandbox name, path, enable/disable networking and VGpu
  2. Mapped folders: It can share a new folder from the host computer, edit existing and remove.
  3. Command: Add/Remove/Edit existing startup commands.
  4. Overview: View the current configuration file.

Sandbox Configuration Manager

To learn how to use it, follow this link where it is explained how to load a sandbox, manage mapped folders, use command, and so on.

The configuration manager generates XML at the end, which is how Windows would have done.

Here is how to change basic info and Edit an existing folder; the rest you can check on their homepage.

Change basic Infos

  • Go to the first tab > Type the name of the Sandbox to create
  •  Select the path of the new Sandbox and Use the Networking status ComboBox to set the networking tag
  • Use the VPGU status ComboBox to set the VGpu tag

If the configuration is over, click on the Create Sandbox button

Edit an existing folder

  • Go to the second tab
  • In the DataGrid, click on the  pencil button from the folder to change
  • A dialogue will be displayed >  Change what you want > Click on Save

Your changes will be applied in the Datagrid. If the configuration is over, click on the Create Sandbox button

It’s so good to see somebody coming out with an easy to use configuration manager for Sandbox which anyone can use. The instructions are easy to follow, and creating Sandbox is as easy as eating a pie. You can Download Sandbox Configuration Manager from TechNet Gallery.

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