Restore desktop icon layout to original position in Windows 10

We all love our desktops and the way we arrange icons on it. Sometimes, the arrangement of the icons is lost either because something in the system changed, or because you did with the right click and sorted it. Many a time consumers have reported that their desktop icon rearranges after reboot. In either case, you lost the position of the icons. In this post, we will share a small software which can restore desktop icon layout to the original location in Windows 10 desktop.

Restore desktop icon layout to original position

Restore desktop icon layout

Icon Shepherd is snapshot based software which quietly monitors the changes happening to the desktop icons. It can either done by you or by anything on Windows. Not only this, but it can also track add, delete, or rename an icon. Once installed, it takes a snapshot immediately and then sits quietly in the system tray.

However, for Icon Shepherd to work as expected, you will have to make sure that Auto arrange icons option is enabled for your desktop. Auto Arrange settings arranged all the icons on its own.

To manually take a snapshot, you can right-click on the software icon, and click on “Remember icons now.” If you made any changes, it would remember. If there are no changes, it will tell you that there is nothing to change.

Restore Icons Position in Windows

The software also comes with a bit of configuration. You can limit the maximum number of icon layouts to remember, i.e., snapshot, choose to restore defaults and restore hidden messages. You can also make sure to restore last used icon layout with Computer start.

Icon Shepherd free download

While Icon Shepherd is free of charge, the developers request to use it only on one computer at home. You can use IconShepherd free of charge on one computer in your home, as long as you don’t use that computer for any business or employment-related tasks. Go get it here.

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