Restore missing or deleted Firefox Bookmarks or Favorites

I prefer Mozilla Firefox over Google’s Chrome. Recently, I managed to find one more reason to support my argument – Bookmark capability in Firefox. As you know, marked websites appear under the bookmarks menu in the Firefox menubar and allow quick access to the websites without having to type in the website address.

Bookmarks Manager in Firefox contains an Undo feature that helps you restore accidentally deleted bookmarks quickly. Moreover, the browser keeps a backup of all your bookmarks, so that you can recover the lost website addresses in quick steps if you have accidentally deleted it. The procedure is somewhat different and lengthy in Chrome. The browser contains a single, hidden bookmark backup file that can only be restored manually. So, if you just deleted a bookmark or bookmark folder in Firefox, there is a good chance you can recover deleted bookmarks.

Restore Deleted Firefox Bookmarks

We have covered two methods here. The first method guides you if you have just deleted the bookmark accidentally and would like to undo the changes right away. The trick works only if it finds the browser has not been closed and reopened. The second method covers somewhat you may call as a delayed response i.e. only after you find an important bookmark missing from the list, you realize you have deleted something worthwhile and would like to undo the mistake.

Method 1

Hover the mouse cursor over ‘Display Bookmarks’ option in the upper right-hand corner of your computer screen. Click the option.

Display Bookmarks option

Library window opens on up. Select the ‘Organize’ section. Under it, choose ‘Undo’ option. This will undo the deletion.

restore deleted firefox bookmarks

Method 2

Firefox by default, creates a backup for your bookmarks. All you have to do is restore bookmarks from the auto-saved backup. Here’s how to do it!

Follow step 1 of method 1 and then, select “Show all Bookmarks” option.

Show all bookmarks option

Next, click “Import and backup” menu and hover upon “Restore” to select the date from the “Organize” menu to which the bookmark is to be restored.

Import backup

Do note that restoring the backup will remove existing bookmarks – you’ll lose bookmarks you’ve created before the backup was taken.

This trick is fairly simple and easy, and many do not know this.

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