How to remove the Folders from This PC in Windows 10

Microsoft renamed My Computer to Computer and then to This PC in Windows 8.1. It followed the same in Windows 10. Along with this name change, Microsoft introduced the display of 6 folders namely Documents, Pictures, Videos, Downloads, Music, and Desktop in This PC in both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Those who did not want to display these folders found a way to hide these folders from This PC in Windows 8.1. This procedure will not work in Windows 10, as things are a bit different.

show or hide folders from this pc in windows 10 6 folders

Remove the Folders from This PC in Windows 10

Even though you know how to show or hide folders from This PC in Windows 8.1, the same way is not possible in Windows 10 as Microsoft has changed Registry Keys a bit in Windows 10. But, do not worry. In this tutorial, I will let you know how to remove the six personal folders from This PC in Windows 10.

In Windows 10 Microsoft is maintaining a string ThisPCPolicy with a value of Show or Hide based on which folder is shown or hidden in This PC. If you set the ThisPCPolicy value to show, then that particular folder is shown in This PC, and if you set that value to Hide, then that folder is hidden from “This PC” in Windows 10.

Follow These Steps to show or hide folders from This PC in Windows 10

Press WIN+R key and open the RUN Dialog box and type “regedit” and hit enter. It opens the Registry Editor.

Next, we need to go to the following keys one after the other and need to change the value of ThisPCPolicy to Hide to hide that particular folder from “This PC” window in Windows 10.

Documents Folder:


Pictures Folder:


Videos Folder:


Downloads Folder:


Music Folder:


Desktop Folder:


As an example, let me show it for Pictures Folders and hide it from “This PC” window.

Open Registry Editor and navigate to the key specified and change the value of ThisPCPolicy to Hide.

Hide Folders from This PC in Windows 10

Now, close the Registry Editor and open the “This PC” folder. You could see that Pictures folder from “This PC” window has been removed.

remove the Folders from This PC

To get back the Pictures folder back, go the respective key and change the value of ThisPCPolicy to Show and you could see the Pictures folder again.

In this way, you need to change the value of ThisPCPolicy to Hide for all the six keys to hide them from the This PC window.

PS: You can also remove 3D Objects folder from This PC in Windows 10 v1709.

Note: All the keys mentioned above has the ThisPCPolicy string except for the key {B4BFCC3A-DB2C-424C-B029-7FE99A87C641} which is related to the Desktop folder. For this, you need to create the string ThisPCPolicy for the desktop key and change its value to Hide.

To do this with a click, use our Ultimate Windows Tweaker. You will see the setting in Customization > This PC > Customize inbuilt folders.

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  1. ReadandShare

    Thank you very much! The Windows Explorer is now a lot less cluttered!

    Now, can you also tell us how to “hide” Network and Home Group? Please?

  2. eMtoN

    THANK YOU! File Explorer was incredibly cluttered to the point that it was nearly impossible to find anything. It is so much better now.

  3. MrGrim

    they folders keep coming back for me sadly 🙁 using both a reg file and tweaker and both did not do the trick (obviously i undid the reg file before using the tweaker)

    and it’s really funky. like something only 1 folder comes back. sometimes more. and sometimes they just disappear again XD

  4. The Pool Man

    I have a problem where somehow my Desktop Folder got reclassified as a Downloads folder. And I can’t undo it. Suggestions on the web haven’t helped.

  5. Right-click on the folder > Properties > Location tab. Ensure that the folder path is correct.

  6. The Pool Man

    Thanks Anand. My path is C:UsersMeDesktop

    That’s correct, right? And if this helps: when I save something to that folder (which reads ‘Downloads’ but has a desktop icon instead of a down arrow) said item saves to the desktop. So it works properly but lacks the correct name. Therefore I have two Downloads folders but one saves to desktop.

  7. Maybe then you need to Clear the Icon cache (search this site for a how to) and then manually rename the folders correctly.

  8. The Pool Man

    But the icons aren’t broken. It’s the name of the one folder. That strikes me as a different file.

  9. Wow! Awesome article 😀 Thanks for helping us to get rid these folders!
    Also a good knowledge to know about the Registry too…

  10. WinRookie

    Please HELP! Two of my folders (“Documents” and “Pictures” are, for some unknown reason, linked to C:USERONE DRIVE (that is the path for location in properties within “This PC”. All the other folders (“music”, “Downloads”, etc.. are OK reflecting the correct path (C:… USERMYNAMEMusic). Is there a way to change the path (location) for “Documents” and “Pictures” to be the same (instead of the ONE DRIVE which I do not use)? I do use “This PC” but if I can’t get this to work I will settle for “quick Access” or Libraries.

  11. Pankaj Singh

    Thanks !! Cheers

  12. Wayne Reeves

    Save the following as Switch-ExporerFolders.ps1(or whatever you like with .ps1)
    Then Run .Switch-ExplorerFolders.ps1 Show or .Switch-ExplorerFolders.ps1 Hide from PowerShell and it shall be done

    You may have to set your ExecutionPolicy

    ###### Switch-ExporerFolders.ps1
    [ValidateSet(‘Show’, ‘Hide’)]
    $list = “{f42ee2d3-909f-4907-8871-4c22fc0bf756}”,

    foreach ( $item in $list )
    $path = “HKLM:SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerFolderDescriptions$itemPropertyBag”
    Get-ItemProperty $Path | Set-ItemProperty -Name ThisPCPolicy -Value $Switch

  13. Christian Vicich

    For the insider previews 3D objects folder add “{31C0DD25-9439-4F12-BF41-7FF4EDA38722}” to that list.

  14. AUEagle

    Great article. I wish Microsoft would implement a way to add folders to “This PC” without having to use 3rd party software.

  15. JEd90

    awesome, thank you!

  16. John

    The Folders will still be visible in some “Browse” dialog boxes, e.g. when you’re changing the install path of a program. For each of the 6 folder types, go to

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerFolderDescriptions[FOLDER NAME HERE]PropertyBag

    in addition to the original path linked in the article:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerFolderDescriptions[FOLDER NAME HERE]PropertyBag

    and change Show to Hide in both.

  17. hp79


    I wonder how many people feels this is annoying but give up because it’s kind of hard to search for. Windows Explorer getting cluttered has always bothered me.

  18. Zyad

    Help! I’ve deleted the whole folder by mistake

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerFolderDescriptions THIS ONE >>>>>>{f42ee2d3-909f-4907-8871-4c22fc0bf756}<<<<<<THIS ONE PropertyBag

    Will it affect my PC and what should I do to fix it?

  19. mBVN$a*Hb4P6m1SB!7

    !@#$ windows. this sh** is stupid. I have to hack the registry to remove folders? Microsoft has gone full stupid. It’s like Apple making it so you can’t delete apps on your phone. There’s no limit to the amount of full ret**d companies will engage in these days.

  20. Fatheredpuma81

    For those trying to remove Desktop as well you need to create a new string and name it ThisPCPolicy and put Hide in it manually. It seems it’s not there by default.

  21. Mohsin Alee


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