System Folders Customizer: Add special folders and apps to Computer folder in Windows 10


  1. Who really needs to change their settings that much and if you did why not just put a shortcut on your desktop. That’s even 1 less click.

  2. Hi Author :)

    programs like this one (which is fantastic thank you paras!) you say are “not really requested by a lot of users, probably mostly by tech savvy users”.

    i think this is because being a windows user after a while you become a combination of comatose and on the edge of a breakdown because you very soon realize you are a slave of the features windows has decided you will want and are not allowed to think for yourself.

    (the features that windows decides you will want range from insulting and frustrating to admittedly somewhat helpful and occasionally pleasing.)

    that more people don’t request this type of program, is more because they are suffering from windows malaise and have lost all hope and realize there’s no reason complaining because microsoft is basically a tyrant, than an indication that they don’t want or need it.

    I have a list and an even longer list of things I wish I could do on windows, I’m sure I’m not the only one!

    thanks, just wanted to put in my two cents worth :-).

    (I’m always so grateful to developers who make helpful programs, and websites like Ghacks for letting us know about them, thank you xxxooo.)

    it’s the little things that go right sometimes that help you have a nice day.

    hoping you have a nice one too! :-)

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