Remove 3D Objects folder under This PC in Windows 10

When you upgrade to Windows10 v1709, you will find a new entry 3D Objects under Folders in This PC of File Explorer. The folder has been included as a Library and appears by default – and it is the default storage location for 3D objects on your PC. If you find this folder of little use, you can remove it.

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Remove 3D Objects folder in Windows 10

The 3D Objects folder of File Explorer basically contains .3mf files which can be opened with Mixed Reality Viewer. The folder’s location address is C:\Users\Username\3D Objects.

Remove 3D Objects folder in Windows 10

To remove this system folder, open the ‘Run’ dialog box, type regedit.exe, and hit the Enter key to open the Windows Registry editor.

Next, navigate to the following location by pasting the address into the address field:




Now, to remove the folder from File Explorer, right-click on the entry, and select Delete.

If you are using Windows 10 64-bit, also visit the following key and do as instructed:


Then, locate the following, right-click on the entry, and select Delete option:


That’s it! You will no more find ‘3D objects’ entry under ‘This PC’ heading of File Explorer.

Microsoft always believes in adding new capabilities to its OS with the focus on stabilization. The spike in popularity of 3D content might have prodded Microsoft to introduce this change under file Explorer.

UPDATE: Ultimate Windows Tweaker now lets you remove 3D Objects folder with a click.

You may download it and use our freeware.

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