Use recALL to recover lost passwords and license keys on Windows PC

There may come a time when we’ll want to recover lost passwords and license keys on your Windows PC. This can be a difficult affair, especially if some of the passwords and keys are very old. The question is, how can we make recovery of passwords and keys much easier than searching for them manually? We’ll need a program known as recALL. This is a program that does an awesome job at recovering password and keys, and it doesn’t matter if some of these passwords come from your web browser. And moreover, it’s easy to use and straight to the point, and that is something we tend to like.

Recover lost passwords and license keys on Windows 10 PC


Using recALL on your Windows PC if you want to retrieve or recover lost or forgotten passwords of over 200 applications including licenses or keys of your software, games, email accounts, Instant Messengers , FTP clients, etc.

After downloading the program, installing and launching it, users should see a decent looking user interface. Furthermore, the main menu shows options such as grabbing password and keys automatically by just clicking next, or manually.

The default is Automatic recovery, which is what we recommend you stick to. Now, should you want to go manual, you’ll need to know where the correct files are stored to find your lost passwords. Click on Manual recovery to select this mode.

There’s a third option – Server emulation, and this one makes it possible to grab passwords and keys directly from your email client. It uses POP3 and IMAP, but we didn’t take advantage of it. It seems like a good feature, but we’re not too trusting of these things that want to gain access to our email accounts.

At the end of the day, we decided to use the automatic option. As soon we clicked on next, the software began to scan our computer and drawing up password and keys on the fly. Depending on a number of files on your computer, it will take a long time to grab everything.

It’s great because we came across keys for several software that we did not remember or couldn’t even locate anymore. So we can see the need for recALL, and we believe other users will feel the same way if they have a ton of software on their system.

recALL recover lost passwords and keys

Regarding settings, there aren’t much to talk about here, but that doesn’t matter much because the program is straightforward and does what we expected it to do. Overall, we recommend it, just prepare for a long scan and all your passwords and keys in a single spot.

Download recALL password recovery software

You can download recALL here.

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