How to rebuild the Tokens.dat or Activation Tokens file in Windows 10


  1. HELLO SIR plzz help me. whenever i try to run any slmgr command like /ipk (my product key) or /? or /xpr. below error popsup..


    error 0x80041002 occured in connecting to the local WMI provider.

    on a computer running microsoft non-core edition,run -slui.exe 0x2a0x80041002, to display the error text.

    and when i run slui.exe it show windows is activated but there is no info under pc shows PRODUCT ID NOT AVAILABLE.

    SIR plzz help me what to do. my pc is running on windows 8 pro 32bit.

  2. The tokens.dat file can sometimes be found in “C:WindowsSystem32sppstore2.0”.
    At least that’s where mine was.

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