Backup Windows and Office Activation Tokens files with Advanced Tokens Manager


  1. One lie caught. Example: I can reformat my computer 1000s of times with the same hardware and still activate online without a problem. Once you change one piece of hardware you then need to call to activate for a few reformats then you can activate online again.

  2. I couldn’t get this to work for x64 Windows 7. The program ran and said activation was successful but windows was not activated. I tried at least 20 times. After activating by phone. I made a new backup and reinstalled WIndows again and still wouldn’t work.

  3. Does Microsoft approve this software? And my friend is using Windows 7 Ultimate and he like to try the genuine key for Windows 8 Pro Upgrade(clean install) and then switch back to Windows 7(clean install) or Ubuntu(clean install) and keep the Windows 8 Pro for future use. He is quite worried that his key won’t get activated if he does the above process? And is there any tool from Microsoft or TheWindowsClub that could do 100% assured activation?

  4. Hi, I have downloaded this software and I wanna know that if I have to reformat my pc, this software will be gone but the backup will be hidden in my system? I looked up everywhere and I couldn’t find the answer.

  5. You need to save the backup file it makes. Wherever you launched the program from it should be there in a folder named something like “Backup”.

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