There was a problem starting C:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll error

Whenever there is a major update on Windows, some users tend to run into a lot of issues. Not that the update is bad, it’s mostly because of software conflicts, environmental issues, etc., that these issues arise.  Today we will discuss an error that mostly occurs after you boot into Windows: There was a problem starting C:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll The specified module could not be found. This could occur after you upgrade your Windows version to Windows 10 or Windows 8.1.

There was a problem starting C:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll

There was a problem starting C:\Windows\System32\LogiLDA.dll

This error occurs due to the incompatible version Logitech software, more specifically Logitech Download Assistant. This belongs to the Logitech mouse, one of the most commonly used mouse among the PC users. So naturally, a lot of users have reported this error message. After some research, I found out the way to fix this problem. To resolve this problem, please follow these steps.

Method 1:

  • Open Task Manager
  • Go to the Startup tab and find LogiDA
  • Right click on LogiDA and click on Disable

Now we have temporarily disabled the  Logitech Download Assistant from starting with the computer. Now we have to delete the entry so we won’t be bothered with it again.


To do so:

  • Press Win + R and type in REGEDIT
  • Now we need to back up the registry. Follow this article on Backup and Restore Registry.
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key
  • Find Logitech Download Assistant and delete the entry
  • Now reboot the system for changes to take effect.

Method 2:

If you don’t want to go through the whole registry entry, then I’ll suggest a simpler way.

  • Download CCleaner
  • Now install CCleaner and open it
  • Click on Tools –> Startup
  • Now select Logitech Download Assistant from the list and click on Delete


This process is much simple and less complicated. Once you have done this, you need to reboot your computer to take effect.

I hope you find this article helpful. In case of any issues, please feel free to drop a comment in our comments section. We will be more than happy to assist you.

See this post if you receive a missing dll file error.

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Shyam aka “Captain Jack” is a Microsoft MVP alumnus and a Windows Enthusiast with an interest in Advanced Windows troubleshooting. Suggestions made and opinions expressed by him here are his personal one's and not of his current employers. He blogs at


  1. Cierra

    I did this. It fixed the error message. But, it still isnt solving my internet problem. I thought that the error message was what was causing the internet issue, but apparently not. I have wifi, and I’ve tried EVERYTHING! Please help me! All I’m getting is that dumb; “internet explorer has stopped working. windows is trying to get a solution to the problem” poop. Anyone have solutions??????

    I need the internet on my pc, that is the whole point of it!

  2. CARL

    give this a try . Open internet Explorer
    In internet explorer the menu bar select tools
    move down to internet option and select it
    go to the tab called Advance and select it
    move down and select Reset
    some green check marks will appear and a message to restart your computer..
    Hope this helps

  3. Cierra

    Thanks! i got a reply earlier that i used and worked also on a different site. Ill make sure to remember this too though in case it happens again!

  4. azlaydey

    It looks like method 2 worked.

  5. Mukesh Kumar

    There was a problem starting C:WindowsSystem32LogiLDA.dll error please advise ..

  6. Mukesh Kumar

    There was a problem starting C:WindowsSystem32emrwoa.dll error….?
    The speified module could not be found

  7. Katie

    seems as though method two worked 🙂 But is that an actual fix or is it just hiding the problem?

  8. dyermoe

    All I did was the first three steps of Method 1 and rebooted, and then the error went away.

  9. dyermoe

    FYI: this was on Windows 10, not 8.x

  10. dyermoe

    I tried Method 2 first, but McAfee didn’t like it. It gave me stern warnings not to download that CCleaner software. It said it was Malware. Whether it is or not doesn’t matter since I didn’t want to take my chances.

  11. Diago Fox

    Ignore McAfee. CCleaner is one of the best and safest to use programs on the internet (just make sure you ONLY get it from the piriform website). I’ve been uising CCleaner for almost 10 years now without issue.

    Edit: To be completely honest, the only program you mentioned that is not trustworthy is McAfee. One of the worst security programs out there (specially for false positives). You would be better off with Avast (whom also offers a free home version of their antivirus), AVG, or Norton.

  12. DP

    “This belongs to the Logitech mouse, one of the most commonly used mouse among the PC users.”
    The solution you present won’t have any effect on the mouse?

    This error started to show up after windows 10 updated in my pc, and at the same time, the mouse scroll, zoom and other functions stoped working.
    Will your solution solve this mouse problem too?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. harry

    can someone help me fix the error : DemarkingForeTokening.dll
    which is also a RUNDLL error can it is causing my OS to crash

  14. BurgersBytes

    The Logitech Download Assistant problem can also be caused by the LDA installer assuming that ALL computers use C: drive. In this case, instead of removing the entire program key, point it to the proper drive by editing the key path where C: should be another drive letter

  15. GeoffreyDean

    I got the error after upgrading from Windows 7 to 10. I used method one – deleting the file. Worked fine.

  16. S J

    It says there is a free version of Remo Optimizer but when you download it it wants you to pay?
    Where is the free version?

  17. Remo has not been mentioned anywhere in the post. Perhaps you saw some ad?

  18. Luc The Spartan

    I Used it but HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun cant be found

  19. Sarah

    Thank you ?

  20. Will Ballance

    This error came up for me after a Windows 10 update. It looks like the update moved the LogiLDA.dll to C:Windows.oldWINDOWSSystem32. I opened a command prompt with administrator privileges and copied the file to C:Windowssystem32. I restarted the PC and the error was gone.

  21. Paul

    Thanks, exactly my issue.

  22. Webnut

    Still relevant topic, just bought the logitech combo recently and removed their virus/malware/rudestuff.
    thank you. Isn’t C Cleaner great! and you too of course.

  23. Joe james

    smart move. CC cleaner is malware

  24. Jakamo

    Thank you Captain Jack keep shining
    Registry deletion took care just fine and not backfire with mouse functions.

  25. Jakamo

    Thank you Captain Jack keep up the good work!
    option 1 took care of it.
    mouse functions are normal so far.

  26. Jakamo

    Thank you Captain Jack
    option 1 did it for my windows 10 system
    mouse functions appear to work normal.

  27. Simon Fredrich

    Thank you for your work. It worked for me!

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