Windows 10 v1903 May 2019 Update blocked by AMD Drivers

Windows 10 v1903 offers a slew of features and performance improvement over the previous version. As always I was very eager to test the Windows 10 v1903. However, I was in for a nasty surprise. My Windows 10 PC refused […]

Best essential & useful apps & services for Students

Technology has spread its tentacles far and wide. In today’s day and age, it is very common for students to use technology for their academical pursuits. The app market is flooded with tons of app that promise to offer a […]

Wi-Fi network not secure in Windows 10

Wi-Fi network not secure in Windows 10

Like any other protocols, WiFi network security protocols get older. If you connect to a WiFi network and receive a message saying – Wi-Fi network not secure in Windows 10, it means security used by the WiFi network is a […]

Snip Outline for Screenshots

List of new features in Snip and Sketch app of Windows 10

Snip and Sketch is Microsoft’s built-in tool to take a screenshot. It works better than using Print Screen and saving it to MS paint for further edit. However, in Windows 10 v1903, new features in Snip and Sketch have been […]

Windows 10 Security Configuration Framework

Windows 10 Security Configuration Framework for Enterprises

Mimicking the DEFCON levels, Microsoft divulged the “SECCON Framework” i.e. a generic Windows 10 Security Configuration Framework. This framework aids in standardizing the basic security settings that should be applied for Windows 10 systems. It consists of a series of […]

Settings Header design on Windows 10

How to customize & enable Windows 10 Settings header design

Many features were noticed in Windows 10 v1903 insiders that did not make it to the final release. One such feature is Settings header design on Windows 10. This new banner or header make Windows Settings look personal, and also […]

How to check Bluetooth Battery level on Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to to check the Bluetooth battery level of devices.  Often, the peripherals or accessories we use for our Windows 10 devices are connected to it via Bluetooth technology. It’s a high speed low powered wireless technology […]

Windows 10 Reserved Storage Settings

Windows 10 1903 New features for IT Pros

Windows 10 1903 May 2019 update is the latest and the greatest major update for Windows 10 from Microsoft. It recently made Generally Available to the users. It brings with it several new features, and there are a number of […]

New Features in Narrator in Windows 10 v1903

What is new with the Narrator in Windows 10

Windows 10 v1903 offers a lot of enhancements, and the Narrator has its own set of features that can help those using Ease of Access. In this post, we are looking at all the new features in the Narrator in […]

Voice Activation Troubleshooting

Voice Activation Troubleshooting in Windows 10

One of the smarter things Microsoft did with Windows 10 is to separate Cortana from Search. Cortana is now strictly a voice assistant. It was bound to happen because not everyone uses Cortana, and then it also paved the way […]

What is AGC Microphone in Windows 10? Should it be On or Off?

I am sure, most Windows 10 users might have noticed an option called AGC under Microphone settings of Windows 10 – or accidentally discovered it while diagnosing a problem. What is this AGC Microphone in Windows 10 and its significance? […]

Add pictures to Sticky Notes on Windows 10

How to add images to Sticky Notes on Windows 10

Windows 10 now lets you copy pictures or images from any website & paste them directly into Sticky Notes. This can be handy at times when you are researching or collecting data on a topic. If you are interested in […]

Skype not sending messages in Windows 10

You may have faced an issue where you find that Skype is not sending messages. This issue is common with Skype for home users, and the most probable cause has been having low or no internet connectivity. But if you […]