Microsoft Outlook notifications not working on Windows 10

Some users reported, even after having Outlook app configured correctly, they do not receive email notifications as Desktop Alerts. So, whenever there’s a new message from someone, it is visible under ‘Inbox’ folder, but the Action Center doesn’t pop up the notification with sound. If Microsoft Outlook fails to display email notifications as Desktop Alerts, then this post will help you fix the problem on Windows 10.

Microsoft Outlook notifications not working

Firstly, this issue can occur if the Outlook App wasn’t registered correctly with Windows 10 at the time of installation or the registry key has somehow become corrupted. As such, even if you enabled ‘Display a Desktop Alert’ in Mail option, you do not see it.

If it gets worse, you have to check messages by updating the folder. Here’s a registry tweak that can help you get past this problem.

In a normal case, this behavior can be corrected by going to the Settings app, selecting System and choosing Notifications & Actions.

Then, scrolling down to locate the following option – Get notifications from these senders. Look for Outlook under it and sliding the toggle to ‘On’ position.

Outlook 2016 notifications not working on Windows 10

If, Outlook does not appear under ‘Get notifications from these senders’ then, try the below method.

The Outlook shortcuts are generated by a customized Office installation – Office customization file (OCT/MSP file). It is this file that includes the customization of shortcuts on the Desktop and grouping into a folder within the Start menu. At times, it can run into some strange issue. When this happens, the broken icons appear in the folder:


To fix this, try doing a fresh install of Office without any admin file on another Windows 10 PC.

After that, try pulling those shortcuts from a default install and copy them over the shortcuts in the Start Menu folder which can be found under:

C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\

This action generates the shortcuts with a different target path than the default setup.

Now, simply perform a restart process, and the Outlook notifications should be working again.

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