Edit audio like a pro with Ocenaudio for Windows 10

Over the many years, we’ve covered a lot of audio editors, quite a few were too complicated for the average Joe or Jane to use properly. With that in mind, we decided to search around for something more user-friendly. After much searching, we found a tool known as Ocenaudio, a cross-platform audio editor that functional and filled with all the right features. No doubt we were very excited to see what it brings to the table.

Easy, fast, free and powerful audio editor

The big question, then, is whether or not ocenaudio is up to the task of becoming the best we’ve ever used. What we can say right now is that it’s not the smallest in terms of file size, but it’s also not the largest either.

In terms of installation, this was swift, more so than we expected, but if you do not have a fast computer, then it could take a while. Furthermore, it didn’t take a long time to launch, and from what we can tell, there is no optional crapware, so that’s good. As for the user interface, well, it’s simple-looking and gives the impression that it won’t take a long time to understand, and that’s exactly the case here.

Ocenaudio for Windows PC

Let us take a look at some of its features.

1] Drag and Drop

Easy, fast, free and powerful audio editor

Adding a file for editing is as simple as dragging it from a folder directly to ocenaudio, or click on the File tab, then select Open or Quick Open. From there, search for the audio file and add it to the program.

2] View

When it comes down to the View tab, this is where the user gets to change the looks of the editing screen. By default, whenever audio is added, it shows off the waveform graphics, but if that’s not your thing, then change it to spectral View or a mix of both spectral and waveform.

For those who want to change the Display Time Format, and Vertical Scale Format. Additionally, if a user is not into overlays, then we suggest removing the overlay right away via the View settings.

There’s a lot more under the View tab for folks to play around with, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

3] Effects

Editing audio is not all about cutting and pasting but adding effects to put some spice into sounds. Now, we have yet to come across the option of adding your own effects, so as it stands, users may have to work with what is available.

Click on the Effects tab and choose from the many options via the list. We like the fact that the option is there to reduce noise reduction because a lot of audio comes with background noise. No serious audio editor wants to deal with background noise; therefore, it makes a lot of sense to get rid of it.

In truth, users might need to have some form of experience with audio editing to understand the use-cases of some of the effects on-hand.

4] Preferences

What can we expect to find under the Preferences tab? Well, nothing out of the ordinary, of course. This is where the user will see options to change the theme of ocenaudio and other aspects of the user interface.

Are you interested in changing the mixer backend from the default DirectSound? No problem, editor, this can be done quite easily. Additionally, users can change the record and playback device.

As we’ve stated before, this tool is feature-rich, and as such, we’ve seen options that we do not understand. Still, the Help file should aid in the understanding of everything that is available for use.

Download ocenaudio from the official website right now.

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