Nero Kwik Media and Nero Kwik Burn free burning software

Once a very popular burning software, Nero saw users abandoning it after it became a bit of a bloatware. However Nero BurnLite free has now been released as Nero Kwik Burn Free, which promises to be faster and better. So those of you still use Nero 10 or Nero 9 may want to check it out.

Nero Kwik Burn Free

Nero Kwik Burn will give you the same features of Nero BurnLite 10 plus more from your burning, ripping and copying activities.

Nero Kwik Burn will let you:

  • Burn photos, music, videos and data onto CD, DVD and Blu-ray Discs
  • Copy unprotected CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs
  • Rip MP3 files for sharing and storing

It will now even let you drag and drop files to copy iTunes playlists.

Nero Kwik Burn is a 174 MB download! After you start its installation, it will ask you to install few more programs.

During installation it will also present with you pre-checked options to install the Ask Toolbar, etc. Make sure you un-check them.

Nero Kwik Media

If you are looking for more, you can check out Nero Kwik Media. It is a free media manager which lets you manage your photos, music, images and videos. It lets you find, organize, edit, play, share, sync, burn and enjoy your media with the built-in market that lets you buy and activate the apps you want.

Nero Kwik Burn is included when you download Nero Kwik Media free, so you don’t have to download them both.

Download: Nero Kwik Burn free | Nero Kwik Media free.

Nero BackItUp, Nero BurnLite and Nero DiscSpeed are some free software from Nero.

Any of you using Nero? Would you like to share your experience? Or perhaps some of you use some other burning software? Would you like to make recommendations on some good free burning software for Windows?

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  1. ernieK

    I have used Nero since it was first released. I received my first introduction when I bought a new CD Writer (that cost an arm and a leg to buy then) and it was given away as a freebie with the drive. It was the (then) full program and not a cut down version as is sometimes given today. In those days if you ran into a problem and sent an e-mail to them for help you received a reply usually with-in 15 – 20 minutes and over the first couple of years I was on a first name basis with their techies. I have used every version released since then. There was also a couple of Easter Eggs built in as well, nothing exciting but gimmicky.

    For a new PC user it walks them through every step and makes it very easy to do things.

    As has been said over the years it has become bloated. They have made the error of trying to make it the be all and end all. As for their customer service nowadays (IMHO) it is one of the worst there is. When installing the program I recommend choosing the CUSTOM installation and only install the part(s) you actually want to use. The worst part of the program was always InCD which never really worked right. With the advent of Pen Drives this is not worth bothering about nowadays. If you are the type of person who likes one program fits all then Nero is for you. You can also download each part individually which makes it a lot easier to install. One of the things that gets my goat nowadays it the start-up time. Where it used to be instant at opening it now takes a (what feels like) an eternity to open.

    Even with its wee niggles I still think it is the best burning program out there and worth the money.

  2. ernieK

    Sorry for secong post but I should have said the best (IMO) free burning program is CDBurnerXP (which also works well on windows 7) They could do with re-namng this as the title is misleading.

  3. CGO

    174Mb download … Nice and light … 🙂

  4. JSG

    I’m using Nero 8 on Windows 7 HP 64Bit, with only one error (Some strange MS Visual C++ Runtime error). Error doesn’t cause any issues with burning. In installed using the minimum (I don’t need all that junk), then navigated though the Nero folder in the Start menu until I got to “Nero Burning ROM”, Right clicked and selected “Pin to Start Menu” (One can also Pin to Taskbar). This gives you classic Nero Burning GUI, without all the crap, simple – to the point – burning.

    As an alternative, CDBurnerXP, as pointed out by ernieK, also works very well.

  5. JSG

    Just a followup, installed the Nero Kwik Media, there is no option to burn a Data CD/DVD, to get that option, you must pay $49 for Nero Burning ROM.

  6. redk9258

    Nero Kwik Burn = 174 MB.
    ImgBurn = 5.26 MB.

  7. AOProphecy

    Its a joke, u need to pay for the functions = useless

  8. Jon

    I’m glad they introduced this new version that isn’t bloated!
    The last version of Nero I used was a Micro version of v10, @23MB that was tolerable & worked decent enough.

  9. A&L

    cdburnerxp does work great, been using it for quite awhile

  10. Juan

    I tried this, but it won’t read discs that i have burn data previously, like a dvd-rw, so it was useless.

  11. Brian

    Used Nero for years then it got bloated last year when I installed win 7 went to ImgBurn does all the things that I want small fast and free

  12. Xantes

    No matter what the company behind Nero would do there will never be an easier and neater applications with no bloatware – and with no begging of side installation – that can do EXACTLY the same things what “Nero Kwik Burn Free” does: “Image Burner” and “Infra Recorder”! What should it be complicated first when it can be simpler?!

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