How to customize or turn off MSN News Feed in Edge browser Start Page

You may have noticed, whenever you switch to Edge browser in Windows 10, a page displaying the MSN news feed fills the window. This is the Start Page. Although it offers quick access to your favorite websites, it can be distracting at times, and some of you may want to disable these news feeds. If you want to customize the MSN News Feeds or turn them off, here’s how you can do it.

The Start page is seen on every start up, if you have selected Start page under the Open Microsoft Edge with setting, in Edge’s Advanced Settings. When you connect to the Internet and launch Edge browser, in the upper right corner you will see the Settings icon. Click on it.

Turn off MSN News Feed in Edge browser

The following Customize page will open.

Turn off MSN News Feed in Edge

Turn off MSN News Feed in Edge browser

Here you can select the Page display settings and set it to:

  1. Top sites and my news feed
  2. Top sites
  3. A blank page.

To turn off MSN News Feeds, select A blank page or Top sites.

Customize News Feeds

If you select Top sites and my news feed, the feeds will show and you will be able to customize the feeds.

You can select the preferred language for the content.

Under the ‘Information cards‘ section, you will find different topics like Sports, Weather and Money enabled by default. It is these information cards that are displayed first on the Start page whenever you switch to Edge browser. You can toggle the switch to ‘Off’ or ‘On’ as per your choice.

Next, you can choose your favorite topics. Click on any of the buttons to show more of that content at the top of your feed. When you click on it once, a blue line will appear around the button. You can choose more than one topics.

Once you are all done, click the Save button to allow the changes to take effect. Hereafter, when you start Microsoft Edge browser, the disabled websites should no more appear on your default home page.

At any point, if you would like to undo the changes made and revert back to the original settings simply, click the link ‘Reset to default settings‘ in the lower- right corner of the Customise page.

As you can observe, the process is pretty straightforward and  features present are simple to use. The configuration panel too has a minimal design and is not complicated. This makes the task of disabling or customizing of MSN feed feature a no-hassle process.

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