MP3tag: Freeware to edit metadata and tags of Audio formats

We usually come across audio files that are improperly tagged or they are missing cover thumbnails – and while playing such files on an audio device, the details are not shown properly. MP3tag is a free universal tag editor for Windows, that lets you edit metadata and cover images of audio files. It supports most of the common audio formats and moreover it also supports ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes MP4, WMA, Vorbis Comments and APE Tags.

Free tag editor to edit metadata


To start working with this wonderful tool, you need to add a directory to load audio tracks from. You can even choose a default directory that should be automatically loaded when you start the program. Once the track list gets populated, choose the track you want to edit metadata of.

Now in the left menu you would see some blank fields namely Title, Artists, Album, Year, Genre, Track, Comments, Album Artist, Composer and etc. You can add appropriate details in those fields and then click the save icon from the top toolbar.

The program’s pretty easy to use and once you are familiar with it you will be able to edit the metadata for more than one files at once.

The conversion features are really very useful, they let you rename the file based on the tag information or import the tag information from the file names. This feature comes handy when the files are improperly renamed or the tag information is improper. Five conversion modes are as follows:

  • Tag-Filename: This mode lets you rename the files from available tag information.
  • Filename-Tag: This mode is just the opposite of previous one as it lets you fetch tag information from filename.
  • Filename-Filename: This mode works as a renaming tool, under this mode you can modify the existing name into the desired format.
  • Text File-Tag: With this mode you can fetch the tag information from an existing text file.
  • Tag-Tag: This mode lets you get tag information from existing tag.

MP3tag Covert

To use any of the above modes, you need to create according rules or formats strings which is not at all difficult task. The program has inbuilt capabilities of getting the metadata from internet which is indeed a useful feature and can save your time and moreover get you the accurate details.

MP3tag WebSearch

MP3tag is a great tool and obviously very useful. The conversion features are even great and the web search capabilities makes it more useful. If you are a singer, composer or in any way related to music industry, then this tiny simple freeware is a must have or if you simply want to organize your music collection the tool is all yours.

MP3tag download

Click here to download MP3tag for Windows.

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