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Microsoft Office is one of the very popular productivity suites available today. One lesser known feature of its documents is that whenever you create, open or save a document in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint, the document stores additional information, known as Metadata, without your information. This  information is meant to be used for a various reasons – like enhancing editing, viewing, filing and retrieval of Office documents.

Office Documents Metadata Management

Here is a list of metadata that may be stored in your documents:

  1. Your name
  2. Your initials
  3. Your company or organization name
  4. The name of your computer
  5. The name of the network server or hard disk where you saved the document
  6. Document revisions
  7. Document versions
  8. The names of previous document authors
  9. Template information
  10. Hidden text or cells
  11. Personalized views
  12. Other file properties and summary information
  13. Non-visible portions of embedded OLE objects

Most of this metadata is readily accessible, and all you need to do is open the Office program. But there is other metadata that is only accessible when you take special steps like opening a document in a low-level, binary file editor.

While such Office metadata has its uses, to increase the level of security in your computing environment, protect the identity in legal documents or for other reasons, you may not want to save such metadata, or if it is saved, you may want to remove it.

To manually remove such metadata, you would have to do so, by going to the Tools > Menu and Security or User Information options. Or you may have to go to File > Properties and open the Summary, Statistics, Contents and Custom tabs  But this is too tedious.

Microsoft Office Document Inspector

Office 2010 and later programs include a Document Inspector that allows users to easily see the metadata for the documents and remove them.  This has made things easier. The Document Inspector gives you an easy way to examine documents for personal or sensitive information, text phrases, or other document contents. To open the Document Inspector, click the BackstageButton tab > Info > Check for Issues > Inspect Document.

Metadata Cleaner

Document Metadata Cleaner is a freeware that analyze Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents and remove hidden and sensitive Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents metadata information, easily and quickly! It lets you clean one or multiple documents at a time.

You can download Metadata Cleaner here.

There is another tool called the Metadata Extraction Tool that can automatically extractpreservation-related metadata from supported files and output that metadata in a standard format (XML) for use in preservation activities. But it does not delete the metadata.

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  1. Shooter2

    I tried the software and it DID NOT work as advertised.
    The OWNER name and the COMPUTER name are still intact with the Word Document.

  2. Vicki

    Can you set it to default for all of the documents you create?

  3. hajka

    Is there a version availabe for docx, xlsx,…. because this one works just for doc, xls,…

  4. Mr. obvious

    So why cant you just fix it to use .docx?

  5. Dan

    BatchPurifier can clean docx, xlsx…, but it’d not free – costs $19.

  6. PLEASE would you link to the product or vendor’s home page, not the download page when reviewing a product? It’s very irritating having a download kick off as soon as the page is opened!

  7. Guzman Rejon

    MetaClean is a powerful tool to view, search, remove and edit metadata of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio), OpenOffice (word processors, spreadsheets and presentations) and PDF documents.

    Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS X.

    MetaClean is specially designed to clean hundreds documents at once.

    More info

  8. illiad

    It DOES NOT WORK WITH DOCX!!!! *pointless* link to why >:(

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