Skype Audio or Microphone not working in Windows 10


  1. This audio issue in Skype has been driving me crazy. To make matters worse, my Skype callers hear my audio for about 30 seconds and then I they say I lose audio. I can hear them. I have tried several of these solutions prior to finding our post. I, too, have Realtek on board. I will return with results.. Please update in comments if you have found other solutions. Cheers!

  2. Anyone have success with these suggestions to fix the mic on Skype? My FIL is having same issue as Al, below, and it’s beyond frustrating now.

  3. FINALLY, after 2 days trying to get anything to work with every possible fix the internet has to offer, skype giving me this weird message about not having access to my soundcard, nobody can hear me and reinstalling everything at least 5 times and disabling and enabling ah what a nightmare! i knew it wasnt my headset because it worked good on my other pc’s and my surface.. FINALLY, i got what i needed! it was the nr 1 ! thank you sooooooo much i will loove you forever

  4. sorry for late answer, didnt get noticed before now. it was the privacy permission for the pc to use microphone like in the first tip there. i figured it was because after big windows update you got questioned about your privacy settings and i accidentialy denied the pc permission to the mic

  5. The best solution for skype issues is to find another app. As with everything microsoft, they keep “fixing” things untill they are permanently broken and cause people to rage smash things. I’m fed up with microsoft and everything it entails, and will be getting rid of it

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