How to manage Activity Feed and Notifications on Xbox One

In the past few years, Xbox One has grown from a simple gaming interface to a complete social experience that mixes gaming right into it. Right from Party Chat to Community, Option to share your achievements, and game clips, and not to forget Game Clubs which makes finding new people much easier.

All this means you get a lot of social activities and notifications.  All the social activities can be seen under Community tab of the Xbox Dashboard. It will list all social sharing, comments, trending on Xbox, achievements, captures, broadcasts, and others fro your Friends, Clubs on Xbox, pending invites, Game following, announcements, etc here.  All this is called as Xbox One Activity Feed.

Manage Activity Feed & Notifications on Xbox One

manage Activity Feed and Notifications on Xbox One

Make your Activity Feed less distracting

It is pretty straightforward to share something on Activity feed, so I am not going to talk about it. I would rather help you in simplifying feeds to for best experience.

How to Filter Activity Feed

Activity feeds display every possible type of content, and it becomes harder to get a clear idea of what is going on with your friends. So the best way to cut the clutter is to remove what is not important to you.

  1. Under Community Tab, look for Filter option.
  2. Press A to open.
  3. Here you can Uncheck whatever is not needed.
  4. Apply and you are good.

You have options for Friends, Games, Clubs, and Popular Now. I usually stick with Friends and Popular now which fits my liking. That said, this filter doesn’t stay forever, and resets itself. So you may have to change it from time to time.

Unfollow Games, and Clubs which you don’t need anymore:

It is obvious that when you start exploring all the option on Xbox Live, you would have ended up playing a lot of games, joining clubs, making friends, and so on. Surprise or not, all these contribute to your Activity Feed. It is best to remove and unfollow everything which you don’t need anymore.

Hide Activity from Games:

  • Open Xbox Store, and find that game.
  • Hover over the game, and press menu button on the controller.
  • The menu will have an option named Go to Game Hub. Open it.
  • In the next screen, select Hide from my feed.

Everytime you install a game, you automatically follow the Game Hub. This will unfollow all announcements from it.

Hide Activity from Clubs

On similar lines as Games, when you join a club, you will get to see activities from that Club. In fact, if you and your friend are in the same club, you will receive notifications when he is looking for players to play along. If you haven’t been very active with few clubs, its good time to either leave from there or hide the feed.

  • Press the Guide button the controller, and then navigate to People Section.
  • Open Clubs from here. This will list all the clubs you have joined till now.
  • Select the club you want to mute.
  • It will have a similar interface as Game Hub. Select Hide from my feed or Leave.

Privacy & Who can see your Feed

When it comes to who will see my feed, I have kept my options open. If you feel that you want fewer people interacting with you, maybe you are popular, you can choose to restrict it to friends only. Xbox One has a great Privacy dashboard just for all of this.

  • Open Settings > Personalization > My Profile > Select Privacy Settings > View details and customise.
  • Here you have a couple of options you can look into:
    • Friends & Clubs: Decide if you want people to add you as a friend, who can see your friend list, your club membership etc.
    • Communication & multiplayer: It has the option to restrict if Others can see your activity feed.
    • Game Content: Here you can restrict if others can see, and share your screenshots, and game clips.

This will help you cut down interactions which you don’t is needed, and in turn, your activity feed will make more sense to you.

Reduce Notifications on your Xbox One

If you are seeing too many notifications when playing a game or watching a movie, the best option is to enable the Do Not Disturb ModeWhile it works till you turn on your Xbox One again, let’s have a look at Notification Settings.

  • Go to Settings > Preferences > Notifications
  • Here you can either choose to completely turn off notification or cut it down.
    • Xbox Notifications: It includes turn off / on options for Friends & broadcasts, New Followers, Activity Feed, System, Clubs, and so on.
    • App Notifications: If their apps which can send you notifications, you can turn them off here.
    • Notification Timing:  If you don’t want to cut down, you can choose how they appear, and how notifications an expire.
      • Choose whether to keep old notifications around in the guide.
      • Reduce pop-up time so they don’t stay very long.

This should really help you if you have a lot of clutter on your Xbox One, and if you end up less gaming, and more looking at them.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

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