How to set & use a custom image as Gamerpic on Xbox One

If you have seen your fellow gamers using an actual image on their Xbox Profile, then you should know that Xbox One allows you to use a real image of your own or practically any image as gamer profile. While you can do it from PC as well using the Xbox App, in this post, I am sharing how to use a custom image as gamerpic from your Xbox One.

Use a custom image as Gamerpic on Xbox One

Xbox One supports external drive, and USB drives as well. First copy an image you want to use as gamerpic to it. Then connect it to Xbox One, and leave it as is. You will get a message saying External Media Storage Ready.

Disable Xbox Live Avatar

This is the default mode for any Xbox player. You will need to change this first so others can see your gamerpic instead of the avatar.

  • Press the Guide button on the Xbox One controller.
  • Navigate to the extreme left till you find your own profile under Sign in. Press A to open.
  • Select My profile and Press A.

Use a custom image as Gamerpic on Xbox One

  • In the next window, under the Welcome screen, select Customize Profile.
  • Uncheck the option which says Show my avatar.

Change gamerpic

  • Next select Change gamerpic, and press A. (Take a look at the image above)
  • The next screen will give you the option to select from Xbox Live or look for an option on the top left marked as Upload a custom image.

  • This will open the File Explorer which is already installed on Xbox One.
  • On the left-hand side of the explorer, you should see an image of your USB drive. Navigate, and Select it.

  • Next, select the pic you have on your USB drive, and press A on your controller.

If you are using an external drive for media, you can choose any image which is available there including your game screenshots.

Adjust your Gamerpic

The next screen will allow you to adjust the pic you just selected. You can Zoom-in, Zoom-out, move the image to left or right which is useful when you have an image with a lot of people, and you want to select yours. In case you don’t like this one, you can always choose to reset the image.

Once you are sure, hover over Upload and press A on your controller. You will get to see a preview along with a progress bar. Press A when you see OK.

That’s how easy it is, but I am sure you must have figured out the drawbacks already. This feature doesn’t allow you to pick up images from Onedrive, and Edge on Xbox One has no option to download images from the internet till now.

Do you think Xbox One should allow one to directly upload images from OneDrive or download from anywhere, and let users upload it? Let us know in comments.

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