Xbox One Mic icon is always off and muted

We’ve been hearing stories of some Xbox One users having issues with the mute icon being displayed on their system, and there’s no way to get rid of it. Chances are, this could be a software problem, but if not, then its something even more sinister. It should be noted that seeing a mute icon splayed out on your Xbox One is nothing to lose your mind over because it’s fixable and nothing permanent. At least, that’s our belief, so take our words with a grain of salt.

Xbox One Mic icon is always off

The mute icon problem is primarily something headset users have to face. If you’re not using one or have never used one, then there’s a high chance you won’t be suffering from this issue right now.

Xbox One Mic icon is always muted

A mute icon should never be seen on the dashboard at all, so if you’re seeing one right now, then chances are there’s a huge problem with the system or the software of the Xbox One. Follow these suggestions to resolve the issue:

  1. Test headset
  2. Make sure your mic is on
  3. Are you using a detachable mic?
  4. A possible banned account?

1] Test headset

OK, so the first order of business is to test the headset to see if things are working as they should. Simply turn on your Xbox One, then navigate to Settings > Kinect and Devices > Devices and Accessories.

After doing that, you now want to go to Assign controller to account > Update control > Unassign account > Test headset/chat.

If the headset is not working, then that could be the reason for the mute icon on the dashboard or anywhere else on the system.

2] Make sure your mic is on

Is your mic on? Well, maybe you’re not sure, so let’s teach how to check this thing. Press on the Xbox button on the controller, then select the gear icon. The next step then is to navigate to menu > Audio, then turn the mic off then on again.

Alternatively, you could go to Settings > Kinect, and Devices > Devices and Accessories > Audio > Mic on > Adjust volume.

3] Are you using a detachable mic?

Bear in mind that some mics are detachable, so if you’re using one of these them. You see, maybe the mic is damaged, so in a case like this wed like to recommend testing this mic on another system.

For example, connect it to a computer running Windows 10, then test if the mic works or not. Try testing it with Skype or even the default Voice Recorder tool. That should do the job pretty well.

4] A possible banned account

Most gamers do not know much about what can happen when a console is banned. From what we’ve learned, there are several types of bans. The one that bans the console completely, and then there’s another one that blocks communication.

A communication ban has much to do with when someone talks smack during an online game. Speaking expletives is usually the cause for this, and it also tends to leave a mute icon on the system as proof.

We can’t be certain how long a communication ban is for. Maybe it temporary or permanent. Contact Xbox to get an idea of what to do.

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