List of new features in Windows 10 Creators Update

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  1. This is all very nice but I wish Microsoft would concentrate on stabilizing Windows 10 instead of adding more fluff to it.

  2. All of this futuristic focus on 3D, mixed reality, new sharing capabilities, and improving gaming — making all users “creators” — looks like a lot of fun, but I’m more interested in the here and now and the “immediate” future. For instance, will this new “Creators Update” fix the problems I’m still having with the last “Anniversary Update” and other things broken by the monthly Cumulative Updates?

  3. I dont think that would be a problem.. With each big flight, Microsoft makes sure to include fixes to address the issues reported to them through Feedback app. So along with the impressive new features, you’ll also be getting thousands of fixes.

  4. Darshan, yea, right!

    Like, when one of my laptops would only boot to a blank screen after the “Anniversary Update”. The only fix that would work? A bare-metal reinstall of Windows 10; also, because of Microsoft’s only God knows why decision to just rename my user folder from my first name to the first five letters of my Microsoft Account’s e-mail address, after the “Anniversary Update” I was locked out of my desktop computer. Upon trying to log in, I got the message that my password was changed by “another device”, and to please log in with my new password at least once and I could reset my Pin Code. What? A new password? On only one computer when I log into ALL my computers with the same Microsoft Account? Impossible! The only fix that would work? A bare-metal reinstall of Windows 10; also, on another family member’s laptop after the “Anniversary Update” I could only log in to the computer using an old password from an account that didn’t even exist anymore (it’s a long story). The only fix? Create a new Local Account, delete the Microsoft Account, and then make the Local Account the New Microsoft Account; all my other computers somehow escaped unharmed as far as logging in, but with a new User folder name, all of my many playlists in MusicBee were hosed on all of my computers, as well as all of my GoodSync Jobs for all of my computers. Of course, I was on the Microsoft Community with all these issues as well, but nothing anyone came up with fixed these problems, either.

    And it’s not just me, believe me. This same sort of stuff is happening to millions of other users, too. Every month. Do the folks responsible for forcing the “Windows As A Service” and monthly Cumulative Updates that ALWAYS break things upon us even care that all this stuff takes days, even weeks, even months, out of our lives to get everything back into “halfway” working order on our computers?

    I could go on, and on, and on, and on recounting other issues … but I won’t. I’ll just add that I’m not looking forward to the new “Creators Update”, with it’s focus on 3D, mixed reality, new sharing capabilities, and improving gaming — making all users “creators”. Actually, I’d rather go to the dentist … without Novocain. I know without doubt that it will not improve the quality of an ever devolving “user experience” with Windows 10, but will just continue the sloppy work of the “old creators” … Or worse. Like having to spring from $1,500 to $3,000 each for new laptops and desktops that will even be capable of running the new “Windows As A Service” Creator’s Update bloat with it’s monthly Cumulative Updates that always break things.

  5. Will all this crapware continue to slow down the operating system? Will I be able to shut it off and get it out of the way or will it be another Cortana intrusion, wasting my time. Still having security holes with the existing system, how many new ones with all this fluff open.

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