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Kaspersky Cleaner for Windows lets you remove junk files

Junk files are of no use to you, but they simply end up eating space on your hard disk. Kaspersky PC Cleaner is a new freeware from Moscow headquartered security firm Kaspersky, that cleans junk files, temporary files, traces, logs & tunes up digital privacy from your Windows PC effectively. This application also helps in securing your privacy by deleting traces.

Kaspersky Cleaner has a powerful free junk file remover software, that scans for junk files in the PC and deletes them, increasing disk space, securing your digital privacy and generally improving system performance. Here is a quick review of the freeware application.

Kaspersky Cleaner for Windows 10

The first or the main interface window of the application is rather too simple in appearance as you can see above. It contains 5 buttons in total:

  1. Start Scan: Use this tab to start the scanning of your PC
  2. System Cleanup: Use this tab to clear Recycle Bin contents and temporary files
  3. Restore System Settings : Use this tab to restore settings that affect operability of your operating system
  4. Private Browsing: Use this tab to block collection and use of your personal data
  5. Remove Activity Traces: Use this tab to clear cookies, history, logs of your PC.

When you click on START SCAN, Kaspersky Cleaner starts scanning your PC with all 4 tools (System Cleanup, Restore System Settings, Private Browsing and Remove Activity Traces) running one by one and analyzing the PC. As shown below, application analyses and displays the issues against every tool.

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The application does not act on the detected issues automatically but instead let user review the issues first and then choose which one to fix and which ones to leave.

Reviewing detected issues is easy. Just click on any of the tools which displays details of that particular scan and you will see another page that has a full list of issues divided into important, medium-severe and minor problems.

The listed items are either colored red or green, with red indicating the problems found during the scan while green signifying checks that passed without any issue.

As a user you can uncheck the issues which you would not like to fix (remember to scroll down to see the complete list of issues).

After having reviewed detected issues on all 4 tools, click Fix to address the problem automatically.

In conclusion, Kaspersky Cleaner is an easy to use cleaning application that works best when used for cleaning junk and temporary file deletion. Users are advised to analyze the issues detected under every tool before going for the automatic fix.

On the company website the application is shown in the beta state, suggesting that a stable version may be just around the corner.

Visit this link to download Kaspersky Cleaner.

Let us know what you think of it. You might want to also check out Kaspersky Free Antivirus.