CCEnhancer adds more cleaning options to CCleaner

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  1. ReadandShare

    I use Win 7 Home Premium. Am I right in assuming there is no need for me to upgrade from 4 to 5 — given most or all of the changes probably pertain to the now current Win 8??

  2. The new version includes improvements too, so you may want to upgrade:

    – Slightly flattened, more colorful user interface

    – Now using bigger and more legible fonts

    – Updated Brazilian Portuguese and German localizations

    – Fixed issue preventing Custom Entries from being removable

    – Can now automatically trim the winapp2.ini file after downloading (beta).

  3. ReadandShare

    I see. Thanks, Anand.

  4. Ed

    I have used CCEnhancer more than once and have noticed every time I use it that it affects the performance of CCleaner and on more than one occasion has crashed CCleaner. It’s a good idea but they really need to find a way for it to not impact the performance of CCleaner. Better yet Piriform could just add everything that CCEnhancer does right into CCleaner.

  5. Guest

    The ‘Trim’ option removed the entries irrelevant to your system, thereby reducing the performance impact.

  6. Shane Gowland

    The ‘Trim’ option removes the entries irrelevant to your system, which means CCleaner doesn’t have to load all 1,100+ new entries.

  7. Whistle_Dog

    I am very happy to have discovered this add-on. I can’t get over how much junk it found and was able to remove. The only thing I noticed is that CCleaner does take longer to launch, but considering that my two (Windows 7) computers are now running at warp speed, it’s worth it. Many thanks to the authors of the add-on and to this site for telling me about it.

  8. theAKA mark

    I added cc enhancer and it does show many more options to check in the application but I have no idea what much of those things are . . .

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