Kaizala messaging & productivity app for Windows from Microsoft Garage

Instant messaging and video conferencing services like Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts have already made inroads in the enterprise productivity space. These have become the preferred choices for communication in an online world. Microsoft too wants to be a part of this emerging trend. As such, it is making rapid advances in developing tools and apps that deliver similar capability. Kaizala messaging app is one such offering from Microsoft Garage.

Kaizala messaging app for Windows

Kaizala by Microsoft Garage is a simple & secure chat and productivity app that enables mobile users to achieve more. With Kaizala, users can engage in chatting, group chatting or add groups to the existing groups for communicating with other communities. Apart from Chats or groups under Kaizala, you can find built-in actions like assign jobs, conduct polls, and surveys, share attachments.

A unique feature about Kaizala, worth mentioning is that unlike Skype, Kaizala allows you to conduct enterprise chat even with a low bandwidth connectivity. This means it can be used on the 2G network, but your phone should be a smartphone running Windows 10 Mobile. You cannot install the app on Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

To use the application, a user needs a valid Office 365 organization subscription account to sign-in. Following the sign-in, the user can self-map Office 365 account to corresponding Kaizala registered the phone number.

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After that, one can instantly set up large hierarchical groups as per organization structure and start communicating by sending message broadcasts, conducting polls, surveys, and other multiple actions. All the data aggregated at the team or the organizational level is displayed in the dashboard as Power BI based rich reports giving insights into latest productivity trends.

Kaizala messaging app

All responses made are unified, stored and presented for easy viewing to aid the decision-making process. Hence, Kaizala helps you become more productive instantly.

Kaizala app features

  1. Completely free for use (personal and organizational)
  2. Requires no maintenance, just download the app and start using it
  3. Enables private (1-1) chat or group chat
  4. Easily organizes your chat
  5. Allows sharing of photos with location. Besides, you can request location updates to keep track of your team members with one-tap location share
  6. Enables fast and reliable communication between people inside and outside of your business
  7. Share Attachments – Allows easily sharing of images

Please note that Kaizala is still in the preview stage so much of the work still remains in progress. That said, new features are likely to be rolled out in the upcoming and future updates. Get it for Windows 10 PC & Mobile from the Windows Store.

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