IsMyHdOK is a free software for checking your Hard Drive for issues

Is your hard disk drive health OK? This is an important question to answer because as time goes by, hard disk drives lose their quality, therefore, having the right tools on-hand could give you an idea of what to do. In most cases, Windows 10 will not alert you when your hard drive is acting up. In the past couple of days, we’ve been testing several apps to see which one is up to the task of determining when a hard drive is losing its luster. At the end of our test, we chose to settle with IsMyHdOK.

With this program, users can check the performance of a Windows volume, or partition. As expected, this is a free-to-use tool, and so far, it has worked very well in our testing. Let’s try and find out if IsMyHdOK is right for you and your many needs when it comes down to your hard drive.

Note that you should never use this tool to test your hard drive for problems on a regular basis, for doing so can render the drive useless. We suggest only doing so when you’re confident your hard drive is acting up.

IsMyHdOK hard disk health check software

Your hard drive is a very important aspect of your computer, therefore, we suggest taking very good care of it. IsMyHdOK should work just fine. Let us see the features of this tool in detail.

1] Types of tests

IsMyHdOK hard disk health check software

OK, for your information, there are several options when it comes down to testing your hard drive for errors. There’s Quick, Short, Long, and Very Long, and the longest isn’t that long either since it only takes around four minutes to complete the task.

To select the option that is best for you, please click the drop-down menu at the top-right section of the main menu.

2] Run your first test

OK, so when it comes down to running your first test, please choose the type of test you prefer, then click the button that says Start, and wait. After the completion, you should now see a plethora of data that determines whether or not your drive is in good condition or not.

It’s a straightforward operation, therefore, anyone should be able to get the job done in less than 10 minutes.

3] Take a Screenshot

After the full completion of the test, you can share the results with family and friends by taking a screenshot. You can either take a Screenshot to File where it will request saving to a folder on your drive, or take a Screenshot to MS-Paint where the image will open in Microsoft Paint for your editing.

4] Perform other tasks

In order to see more options, please click on the System tab at the very top. From there, you will gain access to the Task Manager, the option to optimize the drive, Disk Management, and more.

You can download IsMyHdOK directly from the official website.

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