HDD Expert: Freeware to check your Hard Drive’s Health


  1. The developer should provide check boxes so that people can opt out the foistware that it tries to install. (Thumbs down).

  2. The links there for Lite version are not working. Only the one for adware-infested version is working. Can you please provide me the direct download link for the clean Lite version please?

  3. Hey Kyle..HDDExpert is a great tool indeed but there must be the check box option for the third party software during installation to avoid the intrusion of unwanted software.

  4. Thanks for the link Kyle but as mentioned by Princess, the other download links are not working. Hope you will do the needful. Thanks 🙂

  5. Rechecked..and yes there are download links for NoRl instaler, Lite installer and Portable installer ..thnx Kyle

  6. Hey Princess scroll down the download page and you will see different download tabs for software where the links for Lite Version and Portable Zip Version are working.

  7. PowerPack is NO LONGER in the installer, which is now digitally signed for more protection.
    Please update article 🙂

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