Improve YouTube Buffering, Performance & Speed on Windows PC


  1. Only thing which works to increase youtube performance is to upgrade to a faster ISP 😛 or connection plan..

  2. On my 64 bit Win7SP1HomePrem dual core, I too find YouTube buffering can be a delaying, choppy drag; I use another firewalling and not native OS one, so I don’t know if I can do too much about YouTube on my IE11 other than make changes you suggest at YouTube; but I regularly use a Chrome browser which allows a certain extension which sets YouTube buffering settings, and using it now a few months I find it has at least kept videos from repeatedly stopping to buffer as they play. I use high-speed unlimited broadband, and don’t have issues with other video services.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I tried to use YouTube Center today. Chrome says the app is installed, but when I launch it I’m directed to a web page for another suspicious crippleware application called Internet Download Manager.

  4. To increase the performance and speed, I did the following task:
    Eliminate needless programs
    Did a virus and spyware scan
    Defrag the hard drive
    Remove unwanted addons and extensions
    Changed my wireless device to different channel.

    Usually I used to solve this problem with the above remedy but sometimes when I can’t be able to resolve the issues, I used to call on the online computer repair services of AskPCTechies.

  5. After optimizing the DNS also, I couldn’t be able to solve out this problem. Then I followed the above steps by which I could be able to resolve the issue completely.

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