How to Turn On/Off Focused Inbox feature in Outlook


  1. Outlook mail is frozen with an overlay and the sort options ”focused other” encircled in pulsating blue. I have no access to settings, in fact to nothing. What to do?

  2. Put it bluntly I am so disappointed and ticked off that Microsoft/Windows does not tell us what is going on and how to stop this. I want to make the decision what emails I will focus on.

  3. My Outlook mail is completely frozen with the same Focused/Other option. There isn’t any option as absolutely nothing is accessible! Help please.

  4. My wife’s WIN7 laptop behaved same as that of Max, Phyllis, Marcia & Max. When she logged-in to Outlook mail via my WIN10 PC, she was able to turn-off that FOCUS baloney as described in this article. She did that ON MY PC, logged out of Outlook, then went back to her WIN7 laptop. ALL FIXED. Problem may be with pre-WIN10 systems. Hope this helps.

  5. If like me you use outlook email it’s possible to turn off the absurd “focused” option. Click “Filter” and in the drop down menu – at the bottom – you should find

  6. I had the problem in Outlook live that the Focused message appears and thereafter my email is inaccessible – even to try to turn off the new Focused feature! However, if when you load outlook live you act quickly, before the Focused message appears, and select any other folder but the inbox you have control again since the damned Focus message does not appear and you can then turn off the feature ie settings –> display format –> Focused Folder and turn it off.

  7. Thank you very much! This worked for me. I was ready to click the Junk folder before the Focus button appeared. I was able to turn it off.
    Thanks again!!

  8. Thank you! As of May 25, 2017 you can just go straight to Gear Icon at top right, choose Display Settings from there pull-down menu and click on Focused Inbox link to select Don’t Sort Messages. I’m using Windows Vista and Firefox browser 51.01. Boy was I getting annoyed…didn’t realize they were filtering for me!!!

  9. Thank you Suz. Easy fix and relieved a lot of frustration. I also was unaware they thought they knew better than me as to which emails I should consider important, and were sorting my mail for me. Some of them were important and I lost out, but all is well now thanks to you. I couldn’t figure out why I had so many emails listed and they seemed to be multiplying. Just figured it out yesterday, and boy was I mad. Now all is well again thanks to your simple fix.

  10. I miss my Unread folder! I found it way more useful in terms of automatic sorting then thie focused vs Other nonsense. Give me my “Unread” Folder back!!!

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