How to sign up for Minecraft Earth – Plus other details here!

Microsoft is taking its franchise ahead with Minecraft Earth. The latest Minecraft is an AR game that will be available for both Android and iOS. It will follow the footsteps of Pokemon Go and will be based on Open Street Maps. Microsoft has already opened the floodgates for the closed beta. Follow the steps below to register for the Minecraft Earth beta,

How to sign up for Minecraft Earth

How to sign up for Minecraft Earth:

  1. The minimum requirement for Minecraft Earth is a device powered by Android 7 or iOS 10
  2. Microsoft or Xbox Live account is required
  3. Click on this link and enter the requested details
  4. Select the “Sign Me Up” button, and you are good to go!

As expected, the closed beta will be available for a select few. The terms and conditions also specify that the players should be a minimum of 18 years old. That apart, it is quiet likely that the beta is available only at select locations and your city might not be included. On the brighter side, everyone will be able to play the game once it goes live.

Minecraft Earth seems like an addictive game that lets your collect mobs, resources, take on challenges, and play with your friends. As part of the experience, people will be able to build together and take part in the classic Minecraft challenges.

It would be interesting to see how an AR powered game like Minecraft Earth will fare against the likes of PUBG and the recently launched Call of Duty Mobile. The latest game from Microsoft and Majong studies will feature the following elements,

Minecraft Earth Adventures

In Minecraft Earth, you will need to head out and find blocks or chests called tappable. As you take a stroll, you will find small adventures waiting on the street! Players will be able to collect resources, fight mobs, and gain experience points to progress in their career.

Customized experience

Players will be able to build their own experiences. The feature is called Build Plates and lets you build a tabletop-sized environment. You can interact with the table-sized environment from the outside, and if you place it on the ground, you will be able to see the creations.

Technology Galore

Microsoft will leverage Azure Spatial Anchors and PlayFab integration in order to add life to the game. Furthermore, the game will be optimized for a multiplayer social experience.

Overall, the Minecraft Earth seems like a fun game that will take you places!

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