How to delete all old System Restore Points and Previous versions of files in Windows 10


  1. Thank you, I am using Windows 10 Technical Preview and I BELIEVE that this will help me as I am on a VM and allocated a small size 30GB (small today? 🙂 ) and I think this will do the trick, as all updates seem to try to use the previous versions to “fail over” if it doesn’t work! Thank you. I don’t need windows.old if the “update” doesn’t work, I’ll just blow away and start with the ISO 🙂 Thank you again!

  2. In the past (before Windows 7) I sometimes cleared all System Restore points if a security program found a serious issue, but now they should be scanned and cleaned by newer security programs.
    Recently able to do a System Restore to just after installing W-7 SP1 then cleaning it up using this.

  3. This worked well. I downloaded PC Speedup from tweakbit, and it said that it found issues slowing my PC. Of course they want me to register (an eventually pay I’m sure) to fix these issues. Anyone know lf a free program that takes care of orphaned Registry entries, etc, and speeds up the PC?

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