Hide Taskbar in Windows 10/8/7 with a hotkey

We are pleased to release Hide Taskbar.  While you can always use the Auto hide taskbar feature to hide the taskbar and make it appear only when you take your mouse pointer down to the bottom of the desktop, Hide Taskbar lets you hide only the taskbar, and not the Start Button, with a click.

Hide Taskbar with hotkey

Simply download and run the app. Use hotkeys Ctrl+Esc to hide or un-hide the taskbar.

And why would you require such a program? The reason could be well, you love a clean desktop and don’t want even a taskbar to mar your wallpaper or maybe you are working on something, and you want to suddenly hide all the other minimized windows or well it could be simply because you think it looks cool to hide and un-hide the taskbar.

You may also find this app of interest if you use a Dock like RocketDock.

This app does not hide the taskbar automatically on running it, but allows you to choose, using the hotkeys when to hide and un-hide! Moreover, Hide Taskbar leaves a very low memory footprint.

To have it run on every start-up, place its shortcut in the following folder:

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

And what gave us the idea to develop this portable freeware app? Simply because someone at TWC Forums put in a request.

Hide Taskbar Free Download

Hide Taskbar v 1.0 has been developed by Ritesh Kawadkar for Windows Club. It is tested on Windows 7. Should work on Windows 10/8 and Windows Vista too!

If you want to give feedback about Hide Taskbar at TWCF here.

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Anand Khanse is the Admin of TheWindowsClub.com, a 10-year Microsoft MVP Awardee in Windows (2006-16) & a Windows Insider MVP. Please read the entire post & the comments first, create a System Restore Point before making any changes to your system & be careful about any 3rd-party offers while installing freeware.


  1. Steve Zussino

    Thank you for this app!

    What a great idea.

  2. dy

    Like the idea. but, it would be more useful if it can hide the files/shortcuts on desktop too.

  3. ???? ?????????

    I’ve include this app to the switcher in Rainmeter.
    This is the code but please

  4. Lazyguy2010


  5. Mikel

    ¡Gracias! aplicación fantástica…Thank you great app!

  6. James the Melon

    The .exe seems corrupted. Shame, this seemed like a great little tool.

  7. I re-confirmed. The .exe file is working just fine: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/downloads/Hide-Taskbar.zip

    Maybe it was your download that got corrupted. Please try again.

  8. Hog

    Where’s the help file?

  9. Obrincalhao

    It does hide the taskbar, but it not resize the windows to fit the whole screen…

  10. Wowjugador

    Thanks (:

  11. Wowjugador

    For this, you need to Auto-hide the task bar (propierties).
    Then, execute this program.

  12. Ngegota

    you can do that in windows without a program

  13. Tkar

    It does hide the task bar. But even if you add the programm to the starting programms of windows , u still have to press CTRL+ESC in order to get rid of the bar =./

  14. skpdx

    Or for true auto-hide taskbar hotkey, install the very inexpensive older automation program, KeyText, and assign a keyboard shortcut to the following KeyText script (you can reduce or maybe even remove the Pause commands for faster action):

    {Win T}{Mouse R,7,763}{Pause 0.2}{Up}{Pause 0.2}{Return}{Pause 0.2}{u}{Pause 0.2}{a}{Pause 0.2}{Return}

    It works well on my Win7 machine (64-bit), and I like auto-hide better than this Windows Club program because when auto-hide is enabled, my firefox browser, etc will immediately expand to use the additional real estate, and display more of the webpage. Same goes for reversing the auto-hide (which I believe was more problematic in older Windows like XP, etc.

    Btw, Keytext works for lots more, including “text triggers” — keyboard macros (maybe mouse too, etc) triggered by typing any preset character(s) you choose. Personally, I use the semi-colon character + additional character(s) + space to trigger my Keytext “text triggers”. (just a tip. can’t help myself.)

    One thing that KeyText can no longer be relied upon to do — sadly!! — is to automatically control program menus, based on the menu command names. With most programs, however, you can use ALT+ keyboard shortcuts in keytext as a workaround, and/or mouse coordinates relative to the program window. (This menu-command feature still exists in KeyText, but it’s just not a reliable form of automation anymore in Windows. Keytext hasnt been updated for a while, alas, perhaps due to the popularity of AutoHotKey and the like, or simply due to the waning of the dot-com boom.)

    As you might guess from the last paragraph, I have no ties w/ KeyText or the company that makes it, etc. Just a long-time user, and a some-time advocate.

  15. ME

    this was perfect for what I wanted 🙂 will it work on windows 8 too?

  16. ME

    I can confirm it does 🙂 Got a new laptop now and wanted the same functionality, thanks:)

  17. mro

    i use win8, but it not completly hide, i can’t full one window on my screen (example browser chorme etc..)

  18. Burakcan Duzcan

    how to delete it

  19. Sergio Maradiaga

    Thank you it worked flawlessly

  20. jayvee

    thnx i love this apps

  21. Note that this can be done with an AutoHotkey script:



    WinExist(“ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd”)

    t := !t

    If (t = “1”) {

    WinHide, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd

    WinHide, Start ahk_class Button

    } Else {

    WinShow, ahk_class Shell_TrayWnd

    WinShow, Start ahk_class Button



  22. alexf

    Not what I needed 🙁

    I want something with the same behavior as Hide option in Windows XP:

    1.I was able to use an application maximized (full screen) and
    2. I was able to move the mouse at the bottom of the screen without having the taskbar pop up on top of my application and
    3. When I need the taskbar I press Windows button on the keyboard

  23. Ander

    Great idea—but unfortunately it leaves some apps (e.g. Firefox) from expanding into the (empty) taskbar area, which is why I wanted this utility. (This doesn’t happen when you manually activate taskbar auto-hide.) Have any idea why this is happening? And can you fix it? Thanks, A.

  24. A guy

    Seems don’t work in dual screen , only hide taskbar on screen one , but nice tool !

  25. jujax

    avg detect as virus.

  26. rodolfo

    Es genial la aplicación.

    La barra de tareas se oculta completamente.

  27. Win 8.1. August Update x 64. With a vertical taskbar hiding information only.
    A place under taskbar is locked.

  28. bee

    downloaded app but cant get it to do anything except say its download. shortcut on desktop does nothing with double click. What makes it function???

  29. Use hotkeys Ctrl+Esc to hide or un-hide the taskbar.

  30. Amardeep Pawar

    this thing have disable the windows icon in the right of the taskbar when i hover my mouse and clic start menu dosent appear….please tell me how to …repair it