Hide Taskbar in Windows 10 with a hotkey


  1. Like the idea. but, it would be more useful if it can hide the files/shortcuts on desktop too.

  2. I’ve include this app to the switcher in Rainmeter.
    This is the code but please

  3. It does hide the task bar. But even if you add the programm to the starting programms of windows , u still have to press CTRL+ESC in order to get rid of the bar =./

  4. Or for true auto-hide taskbar hotkey, install the very inexpensive older automation program, KeyText, and assign a keyboard shortcut to the following KeyText script (you can reduce or maybe even remove the Pause commands for faster action):

    {Win T}{Mouse R,7,763}{Pause 0.2}{Up}{Pause 0.2}{Return}{Pause 0.2}{u}{Pause 0.2}{a}{Pause 0.2}{Return}

    It works well on my Win7 machine (64-bit), and I like auto-hide better than this Windows Club program because when auto-hide is enabled, my firefox browser, etc will immediately expand to use the additional real estate, and display more of the webpage. Same goes for reversing the auto-hide (which I believe was more problematic in older Windows like XP, etc.

    Btw, Keytext works for lots more, including “text triggers” — keyboard macros (maybe mouse too, etc) triggered by typing any preset character(s) you choose. Personally, I use the semi-colon character + additional character(s) + space to trigger my Keytext “text triggers”. (just a tip. can’t help myself.)

    One thing that KeyText can no longer be relied upon to do — sadly!! — is to automatically control program menus, based on the menu command names. With most programs, however, you can use ALT+ keyboard shortcuts in keytext as a workaround, and/or mouse coordinates relative to the program window. (This menu-command feature still exists in KeyText, but it’s just not a reliable form of automation anymore in Windows. Keytext hasnt been updated for a while, alas, perhaps due to the popularity of AutoHotKey and the like, or simply due to the waning of the dot-com boom.)

    As you might guess from the last paragraph, I have no ties w/ KeyText or the company that makes it, etc. Just a long-time user, and a some-time advocate.

  5. I can confirm it does :) Got a new laptop now and wanted the same functionality, thanks:)

  6. i use win8, but it not completly hide, i can’t full one window on my screen (example browser chorme etc..)

  7. Not what I needed :(

    I want something with the same behavior as Hide option in Windows XP:

    1.I was able to use an application maximized (full screen) and
    2. I was able to move the mouse at the bottom of the screen without having the taskbar pop up on top of my application and
    3. When I need the taskbar I press Windows button on the keyboard

  8. Great idea—but unfortunately it leaves some apps (e.g. Firefox) from expanding into the (empty) taskbar area, which is why I wanted this utility. (This doesn’t happen when you manually activate taskbar auto-hide.) Have any idea why this is happening? And can you fix it? Thanks, A.

  9. Seems don’t work in dual screen , only hide taskbar on screen one , but nice tool !

  10. downloaded app but cant get it to do anything except say its download. shortcut on desktop does nothing with double click. What makes it function???

  11. this thing have disable the windows icon in the right of the taskbar when i hover my mouse and clic start menu dosent appear….please tell me how to …repair it

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