Hacked app for Windows 10 will check if any of your online accounts have been compromised

Instances of hacks and Data Breaches are not uncommon today. As such, maintaining security of data is of utmost importance but what acts an impediment in realizing this objective is a good security tool or an app. Meet Hacked, a simple app for Windows 10. It is designed with the intention to keep users email account safe and alert them whenever their email address shows up in a breach.

Hacked App for Windows 10

The simple yet ingenious app takes email address of a user and runs it under HaveIBeenPwned.com website – A data breach information site set up by a security specialist. The website offers Internet users a chance to verify if their email address was somehow involved in a breach.

Important features of Hacked app for Windows 10

  • Easy to application
  • Regularly updated
  • Uses Fresh data to compare against – Privacy
  • Emails you of any breach.

How to use the App

Install the app by visiting the Windows Store. Now run the app. When you do so, Hacked prompts you to set up your account details.

Hacked 2

It takes some time to verify the account details given by a user.

Once verified, it checks the account for changes regularly since Haveibeenpwned is updated regularly with new information. There’s a built-in monitoring system that performs new checks every 12 hours.

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Hacked 1

This is to ensure that your account is not compromised or involved in any way in the latest security breaches.

Hacked 3

Moreover, Hacked sends notifications to users on a timely basis.

What counts as a distinguishing feature of the app is it does not share users’ email addresses with “anyone outside of the haveibeenpwned API,” which is secured using the HTTPS protocol.

Unlike the haveibeenpwned.com website that requires a user to visit the website frequently and enter his email address to check the status of email address, Hacked app automatically sends a notification if there is any issue.

If you think it looks interesting, download it free from the Windows Store.

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