Groove Music app in Windows 10


  1. Google and download “IObit Uninstaller”…it will remove ANY and ALL of the annoying preinstalled apps easily and quickly.

  2. w10 build 11082: Groove finds about 1/3th of my music (about 300 from 11000)
    Itunes playlist import doesn’t work at all.
    will be using iTunes until Groove becomes more mature 🙂

    PS: all music files are on NAS in LAN.

  3. This app is annoying, somehow it has replaced my original settings of itunes as my default app and now everything plays in Groove. They need to give us an uninstall button, I did not install this app and do not want it.

  4. Can someone please tell me how much music this crapware can hold?? I just recently started using it, and was very displeased when it stopped downloading my music after 204 songs (and I have A LOT MORE). Help??

  5. media player is so much better. Groove is just a waste of space. In media player I can cast my music to my receiver. Can’t do that in groove.

  6. It bugs me how Groove (and certain other apps) always seem to be running in the background even when I`ve set them NOT to in settings. (My guess is that they`re uploading metadata to microsoft about my usage and that`s enough reason for me to uninstall them completely). I use MusicBee now and it`s waaaay better than Groove. Groove seems incapable of handling larger libraries and is very simplistic. Also you aren`t given the choice to remove it easily. I don`t like ANY app which is being forced on me, it should be my choice what I use & not flippin microsofts.

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