Best free RSS Readers for Windows 10

RSS or Really Simple Syndication is one cool way of being in touch with the latest posts on your favorite websites. RSS is basically in the “.rss” or “.xml” format. You can read RSS feeds in your browser, if your browser supports RSS. But to read them more efficiently and in a good environment, you can use RSS Readers. There are many RSS readers out there but very few good ones. Here are what I think are some of the finest RSS readers for Windows 10/8/7.

Free RSS Readers for Windows

1. RSSOwl: RSSOwl is a free, open source and a powerful RSS reader. It lets you gather all the news from different websites, blogs, etc., and lets you organize them in one place. It also categorizes the feeds according to your needs – you can customize your RSS as you feel. You can import/export your data, and if you feel inconvenient reading the news on the application, you can also save your unread feeds in HTML format.

Best free RSS Readers for Windows

It also lets you sync your Google account with it, so that you can even read your Google Reader feeds with RSSOwl. RSSOwl supports Add-ons. These Add-ons can improve the functionality of the software. You can find add-ons and manage them via the add-on manager pre-installed on the application.

There are many such features in RSS Owl. Here are a few of them in short:

  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Embedded Browser
  • Newspaper View
  • Keywords
  • Saved Searches
  • Labels
  • Sharing
  • Filters
  • Import/Export Wizard
  • Totally Customizable.

2. RSSBandit: RSS Bandit is another free and open source feed reader based on the .NET Framework. RSS Bandit is very simple and easy to use. RSS Bandit supports Facebook RSS. This I think is its most useful feature. Like RSS Owl, it also lets you import/export your feeds and blog posts. It shows support for Keyboard shortcuts and allows you to download Podcast.

You can sync Google reader and NewsGator with RSS Bandit. As it is based on Microsoft .NET framework, it completely blends with your Windows OS.

Here is its list of features in short:

  • Feed download manager
  • Custom Text size
  • Newsgroups
  • Upload feeds
  • Supports Facebook Feeds
  • Import/Export option
  • Integrates with Google reader
  • Customizable
  • Minimizes to the system tray.

3. Makagiga: Don’t go by the name – it may sound funny – but apart from being an RSS Reader, it can also act as a To-Do list manager and a Notepad. It is open source and a portable – and lets you do a variety of tasks, such as to-do listing, note-taking, or RSS reading. There are lots of plugins available for Makagiga, to extend its capabilities and to improve its functionality.

Makagiga is based on JAVA, so before you start using the application, you need to download and install JAVA.

Its features include:

  • Portable
  • Widgets
  • Plugins
  • Easy to use
  • JAVA Based
  • TO DO manager.

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That was our list of top RSS readers. If you wish to recommend some other, please do not hesitate to share in the comments section below.

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