Fix Blurry Fonts problem in Windows 10

Fonts appear blurred? Text appears blurred, blurry, fuzzy? Fix Blurry Fonts problem or Blurred text issue in Windows 10/8. Disable DPI virtualization or Lower the overall Windows DPI setting and see if it helps!

Many users these days own devices with a high DPI display. DPI stands for Dots per Inch and is used to describe the resolution of the displays. Some users, while running various desktop applications on their Windows 10/8/7 computers have reported the problem of seeing blurred, blurry, fuzzy fonts or text while running desktop applications like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Windows Photo Viewer, Windows Media Player, Windows Store apps and even the Windows Firewall. Some have also reported seeing truncated text.

Blurry fonts in Windows 10

If you are facing a blurry fonts problem on your Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 device, there are three things you may want to try.

  1. Disable DPL virtualization
  2. Lower the overall Windows DPI setting
  3. Use Windows 10 DPI Fix Tool.

Let’s see how to do this.

Disable DPI virtualization

If you are facing the problem for a particular application like say, Chrome browser, then open its Program Folder, right-click on its chrome.exe file and select Properties.

appear blurred 2

Select the Compatibility tab. Here check Disable display scaling on high DPI settings.

Click Apply/OK and check if your issue has been resolved.

If it does not help, or if you are facing this problem for most of your programs, you may want to consider, lowering the Windows DPI setting, system-wide.

Lower the overall Windows DPI setting

To do this, from the WinX Menu, open Control Panel > Display applet.

Blurry Fonts problem windows 10

Under Change the size of all items section, you will see a slider. To be able to operate this slider, first check the Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays option. Once you have done this, move the slider to 100% or to a position that suits you.

If you do this, you must realize that on very high-DPI display, this may make fonts, text and screen elements very small, and at times difficult to read.

High-DPI displays allow the display to produce crisper text and graphics, but since some application developers do not take advantage of this feature, these issues arise.

Use a Free Windows 10 DPI Fix Tool

See if this free tool Windows 10 DPI Fix helps you fix the problem of blurry fonts, text, and images.

UPDATE: Windows 10 can now fix Blurry apps automatically.

Additional readings to help the issue of blurry fonts:

  1. There are some additional steps you may want to take if you find that Web fonts appear blurry in Internet Explorer.
  2. To fix the issue of Blurry Fonts or Poor Display Scaling In Office Programs, you can also use the Registry Editor
  3. How to rebuild Font cache.
  4. Make text easier to read using ClearType Tuner in Windows.
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  1. Jackal

    Not so much the Desktop fonts being blurry, but Metro Fonts look god awful on my 24″ monitor.

  2. Grumpigeek

    I have tried all these suggestions and a great many more.

    None have made any difference to the headache inducing blurry font rendering in IE11 and Metro apps.
    On Windows 8.1, the only way I can get clear text in a browser is to use Firefox.

    I also tried IE11 on Windows 7 but the text was almost as bad as it is on Windows 8.1.
    As a result, I have gone back to IE10 on Windows 7.

  3. RaoYv

    Windows Registry editing fixed the font thickness issue for me completely,
    we can tune the font thickness/darkness by calibrating FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA value to
    between 150 and 190 hexadecimal( 336 to 400 decimal )


    – search for FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA by keying “Ctrl F”
    ( will automatically take us to CurrentUserControlPanelDesktop path)

    – double-click mouse on FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA enter any
    thing between 150 and 190 hexadecimal.(the Lower the value, the thicker the fonts.)

    – close the REGEDIT tool

    – LOGOFF and then LOGON

    Now all the fonts are very thick & very dark in Chrome Browser.

    But we must make sure that ClearType smoothing is enabled in Windows
    ( controlPanel -> personalization -> appearance
    -> Effects -> ClearType smooth check (ticked box) )

    OR alternately in RegEdit …

    FONTSMOOTHINGORIENTATION=1 for LCD-screen, 0 for CRT-screen

  4. Rock Smith

    The poor font rendering is so horrible on my 24 inch 1920×1200 display that I put back MacOSX mackintosh on my computer and display looks so smooth on it. I used to have firefox on windows but with new firefox update I still have the same issue.

  5. ??

    Nothing is working for me. These “fixes” only work on select programs, and I’ve only managed to fix Chrome after spending an entire day fixing settings all over the place. Skype is beyond help, and photoshop and itunes is blurry too. Scared to install Word on this comp. This computer is one week old and came with all these issues, my search engine is just filled with “how do I fix…” x100. Windows 8.1 and 10 appear to be the WORST updates, and they aren’t even fixing the problem. I’m not even using this new computer or putting anything on it anymore because I’m hoping that I can find a way to go back to Windows 8 and never update again.

  6. Coby

    I would also like to add changing your screen resolution (This works for blurry anything) You can do this by right clicking on desktop and clicking “Display Settings” Then go to “Advanced Display Settings” at the bottom of the screen. At the top, it should have a red (Or other personalization color, such as the purple that it comes with) with a 1 in it. Right below it, you will see “Resolution” with a box under it. For my laptop, it recommends 1366 x 768, but it depends on what you’re using. I hope this helps, and I’m sorry if someone else posted this, I did not see it.

  7. Muzik Druid

    Realized that this article talks in particular about A PARTICULAR PROGRAM and not overall problem. But thanks to the jog in memory when looking at article.
    Essentially in my case everything was blurry and that needed a fix so here is what I did

    Windows 8 –> Hit wdws key type clear and look under SETTINGS –> Select ADJUST CLEARTYPE TEXT –> Turned ON ClearType –> Tuned all monitors to my preference
    All Set!!!!

  8. RaybanM

    Didnt work for me because compatibility tabs arent present on some properties for some .exe’s. Heres a quick fix:
    My problem: Ultra blurry text on poor scaling in win 10 multi-monitor setup.. especially on the smallest monitor a Cintique13HD at 1920×1080. Office apps look like something from the 1980s arcade machine. thick and massive.

    Solution: Go to Troubleshooter in windows control panel and click RUN PROGRAMMES FOR COMPATIBILITY ISSUES IN OLDER VERSIONS or Similar””Sometime the default first try to apply settings works beautifully, sometimes you simply tell it to try again with new settings iteratively untill you get the settings you want. Make sure the screens displayed at TEST Settings is closed before you select options for it to try again with new settings.

    Result: I cut myself the images on the offending Office apps became so digitally and comprehensively sharp. WTF is Microsoft playing at I wonder.

  9. Harry

    This new windows 10 is awful. Microsoft should be ashamed of themselves. Putting out a crappy product. Evrything is blurry and with my alredy poor vision – basically unreadable.

  10. Harry

    LOL. Is this a joke?

  11. Harry

    That doesn’t really work either on windows 10.

  12. flaming motion

    Why would it be a joke?

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