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How to clear the Display cache in Windows 10

The Windows Display Cache contains all the data related to your computer display. It helps the computer to remember what mode and resolution to use when a particular display output is detected. This helps avoid the hassle of manually applying […]

integrated or dedicated graphics card

Integrated or Dedicated Graphics card – Which do I need?

This post aims to assist you in deciding which type of graphics card to use. The difference between Dedicated and Integrated Graphics cards may be small, but using a dedicated graphics card greatly improves real-time graphics experience. You should be […]

Something went wrong with the projection error

Something went wrong with the projection error on Windows 10

Windows 10 is made with the aim of building an operating system to enhance a user’s productivity. Hence, modern computers running Windows 10 have capabilities to wirelessly project their screen to an external display. Microsoft has a pre-installed and dedicated […]

Program Compatibility Troubleshooter.

Fix Screen Aspect Ratio issues in Windows 10

Sometimes when you install or upgrade to Windows 10 on an old device, the screen aspect ratio goes for a toss. The problem occurs because the new version of Windows doesn’t support the GPU or rather the driver doesn’t work […]

Windows computer doesn’t recognize the second GPU

Many Windows users, especially gamers use a second high-end GPU for their systems over and above the dedicated graphics card. The system is set such that the dedicated high-end graphics card is set to default. However, at times, it happens […]

Calibrate display for HDR video in Windows 10

How to Calibrate the display for HDR video in Windows 10

HDR or High Dynamic Range is a technique used to create lifelike videos which have better dynamic range, especially when it comes to details. Windows 10 supports streaming high dynamic range (HDR) video, if the display supports it, and comes with the […]

Troubleshoot common HDR and WCG color problems in Windows 10

Windows 10 1803 rolled out better high-dynamic-range (HDR) display and wide color gamut (WCG) support. Just before we start, you need to have an HDR capable display or TV which can show a wider range of colors. This is especially useful when […]

screen upside down

Screen Upside Down or Sideways in Windows 10 laptop

It may happen that you find that your Windows 10/8/7 computer screen has turned upside down, all of a sudden, for no apparent reason. This is no cause for panic and you do not need to call a technician. It […]