How to choose different GPU for different Apps in Windows 10

One of the most interesting new features of Windows 10 v 1803 is an option to choose GPU for apps to improve the performance of the app, and also save battery in long term. Many computers have two GPUs installed on their motherboard. One which could have been on-board, while the other one can be separately installed. If your configuration allows you to use them separately, you should give this feature a try.Using thos method, you can increase Graphics performance for specific apps or software.

Choose different GPU for different Apps

The first thing you should do is figure out apps which need better GPU. It could be a heavy game or a video/image editing software or anything which needs more processing power. Once your list is ready, go to Settings > Display > and scroll to the end. Look for a link which says Graphics Settings. Open it.

This section puts up a mention which says that you can customize graphics performance for specific applications. Preferences may profile better app performance or save battery life. Once you change, you will need to close the app and launch again.

The first drop-down offers you to select a Classic app or a UWP Apps. If you select the classic app, you will need to manually browse and select the EXE file of that application. If you choose UWP app, you will be offered a list of installed apps on your PC.

Once you have populated the list, select the app which you want to customize the graphics performance, and then select Options. The next window will list down the graphics card according to performance. You should Power Saving GPU and High-performance GPU with their name.

Choose between, System default, power saving, and high performance. Then save it.

different GPU for different Apps

While Windows manages everything on its own, but its great to have this option available for the user to manage. In case you have an application which is heavy and uses GPU, you can force assign it to use a power saving GPU to save battery. You can mark this tip under Battery saving tips for your laptop.

This will also help to reduce the burden on your primary onboard GPU, and doing two tasks, one medium, and one heavy would be easier.

To remove, select the app, and click on remove button. It will not ask for confirmation so be careful about it.

Hope this helps!

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