Make text easier to read using ClearType Tuner in Windows 10/8/7

ClearType is a font technology which allows you to read the text for all periods of time. It is possible by the fact that it makes  text on your screen almost as sharp and clear as text that’s printed on paper i.e. you feel as if you reading from the book.

It works fantabulous with the LCD and LED monitors because they are high quality flat panel monitors. Even your traditional CRT monitor might also get some improvement with the help of ClearType.

Make text easier to read using ClearType Tuner

Windows 10/8/7 has an in-built ClearType tuner. It was introduced in Windows 7 only. Let us understand how to turn it ON and use it :

  • Click on the Start button.
  • In the start search box , type cleartype or cttune.exe and hit Enter to open the ClearType Text Tuner.
  • By default, Turn in VlearTyoe is checked. Ensure that it is and click Next. Windows will check your resolution and ask if you want to continue with your existing resolution if it finds that it is not set to its native resolution.
  • Then you will find the following window appearing. Over the next 4 windows, you will be asked which font looks the best to you  from the numerous choices. Click on Next in each window, after you have indicated your rendering preferences and selected which font looks the best to you. These choices pertain to bi-level rendering, font smoothning, grayscale rendering, etc.
  • When you are done with all the above steps, you will see the final window.

Click on Finish. That’s it!

Now you should be able to view the text in better way. It should be clearer than earlier text views. If you are not able to figure out any difference then either your monitor doesn’t have video card which support color settings of at least 256 bit colors or cleartype is already turned on and tweaked at its best.

Windows Vista and Windows XP users may want to use this online ClearType Tuner.

If you have any questions, please do let us know!

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  1. I use outlook for my emails. It is hard to distinguish between read and unread emails when you have cleartype text turned on. I disabled it for visibility improvements. It never helped me in any way than just for fancy look.

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