How to fix common problems streaming video content in Windows 10/8/7

We might encounter situations where the video streaming won’t work properly. For example, in YouTube the full screen won’t work or the  video might get stuck or there might be only sound but no picture. In this article I’ll suggest few tips to resolve such issues.

Video streaming problems

Step 1:

Update your Abode Flash player, Quick Time player, DivX Web Players, Silverligh,t etc, as the case may be. These are the common software used for streaming videos. If one of these software is corrupted or out-of-date then you might experience issues in streaming videos. So visit each manufacturers website and look for the new version and download it. Make sure you remove the old version and that you are downloading the appropriate application for your. For example Internet Explorer uses different plugins as compared to Firefox.

Step 2:

I have seen many a times that Flash video’s like the one’s YouTube has, face rendering issues with Hardware acceleration. In such a case, I would recommend that you disable Hardware acceleration and then restart the browser to see if it helps. To disable the Hardware acceleration follow these steps.

  • Right click on the Flash video you watching

  • Click on Settings (Not Global setting)
  • Then click on the First tab

  • Make sure “Enable Hardware acceleration box is unchecked.

Step 3:

Ensure that you have the latest display drivers installed. Sometime out-dated display drivers can misbehave. So go to the appropriate manufacturers website and find your display card model and download the latest drivers for it.

For instance, if you have ATI Radeon, the go to ATI’s website and search for the model and download it. Sometime you won’t find the correct drive in manufacture’s website if it’s a Notebook. So go to the Notebook  manufacturer website and download it from there. For more information check this article on  how to Update Drivers in Windows.

Step 4:

Clear the cache, cookies and Temp files. Sometime these files can mess up the proper working of a browser. Then best and easiest way of doing this is using a small application called CCleaner  This program will help you in clearing the cache, cookies, temps files etc.

Once all the cache, cookies and temp files are cleared then open the browser and try again.

Step 5:

As a last resort we could reset the browser to defaults settings, also reset the LSP, and flush the DNS etc. to make sure everything is working fine. For Internet Explorer I have made a tool that will help you in doing this. For more information and usage of the tool visit IE Restorator For Firefox try to create a new profile and use the tool for Flushing DNS and reset LSP.

If you know of any additional fixes, please do share with us.

Still have problem visit our TWC Forums I’m sure we could figure out what’s wrong!

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  1. Airdept

    Thanks, Capt. Jack
    This info is very useful. It worked!

  2. Liz DaSilva

    Thank you SOOOOO much! I was having a persistent streaming problem with my child’s online classes, and as soon as I did what you suggested in step 2 above, the videos started playing! God bless you for this most helpful information. You have no idea how you’ve helped my family!!!

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    Thanks a lot .. very useful

  5. Brad Jamison

    i did all this and still have the prob. i am wondering if win 7 has added something in an update to discourage streaming from host sites

  6. Mikey Boy

    Thank you, Captain Jack. You saved me a lot of headaches with the above clear checkpoints. After downloading the upgrade it worked.

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